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COMICS PORTAL: No ‘Avengers Fatigue’ Here!

Last time, I talked about how filmmaker James Cameron was hoping there would be “Avengers Fatigue,” meaning people would eventually tire of what he considered repetitive storylines.

Well, “Avengers Fatigue” didn’t happen this past weekend – in fact, far from it!

Review Champions #18

Champions #18 Review

Viv and her 2.0 version sister ended last issue with a shock. What will the Champions do when they find out the truth? Your Major Spoilers review of Champions #18 awaits!

Retro Review Avengers #100 Retro Review

Retro Review: Avengers #100 (June 1972)

Once upon a time, a crisis so grave arose that all the Avengers who had ever been part of the team assembled to face it.  Of course, that meant fewer heroes than some modern lineups… and BOTH girls!  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Avengers #100 awaits!


Top 5 Wasp Stories

In Marvel Studio’s latest cinematic offering, Ant-Man, audiences are treated to the briefest appearance by founding Avenger,…


Who’s Next?

If you’ve read the latest issue of Ultimatum #2, you know that someone else on…

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