Basil is one exam away from being the newest captain in the Interplanetary Fleet.  That is of course, if she doesn’t crack under the pressure. Your Major Spoilers review of Lost On Planet Earth #1 awaits!


Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Artist: Claudia Aguirre
Letterer: IBD’s Zakk Saam
Editor: Joe Corallo
Publisher: Death Rattle
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 15th, 2020

Previously in Lost On Planet Earth: It’s 2381, and Basil Miranda, on the verge of graduation, knows exactly what she’s doing with the rest of her life and always has: a primo assignment on the best ship in the fleet alongside her best friend in the world.

Tests Are Tough

Lost On Planet Earth #1 opens up with Basil going through her strict morning regimen.  After a brief conversation with her family she’s off to spar with her best friend Charlotte.  During this sparring, Charlotte raises some concerns that Basil is wound too tightly and that she’s lost her ability to have fun like she used to. Basil then explains that everyone in her family has been in the Interplanetary Fleet, but none of them have ever made it to the rank of captain and she’s determined to be the first. Charlotte responds by pushing her into a fountain. When she gets home, Basil talks to her mother and asks why she didn’t go on to be captain, to which her mom tells her she wanted to raise her children instead. The next day is exam day.  Basil cruises through the exam until she’s asked the question “what makes you happy” at this point she breaks and flees the exam facility. The next day Basil goes out walking where she meets an alien named Velda. They talk for awhile before Velda informs Basil that there is a while world of people who didn’t join any sort of service position and they agree to find them.

The Good Kind Of Bait and Switch

One of the things I will always enjoy in a comic book is when it does an effective job at establishing a tone and direction for the story, but then managing to switch it up without relying on something out of left field.  That’s what we get here. While a good deal of this issue does feel like setup for the rest of the series, it manages to use that setup to establish an expectation and then go somewhere else with it. What I think really makes this issue work is the usage of a futuristic sci-fi setting.  At its core, so far, Lost On Planet Earth #1 feels like something you would see in a lot of young adult novels or a Freeform show. But it’s the setting that gives it a bit of uniqueness that looks like it could be fun exploring.

Bottom Line: A Nice Opening Chapter

Number 1s are always a little tricky because you want to avoid judging it on it’s potential rather than what’s here.  Thankfully, Lost On Planet Earth #1 manages to be a good issue that at the same time feels like a complete chapter, while also being an intriguing introduction to a larger tale.  4 out of 5 stars.

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Lost on Planet Earth #1

A Good Twist

Lost On Planet Earth #1 feels like a good first episode to a decent teen drama about self-discovery and personal fulfillment, plus there’s aliens and spaceships.

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