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I don’t know what happened in the second part of that two-part crossover issue that began in Invincible #57, and frankly, I don’t care.   What I do care about is the intricate universe Robert Kirkman has created in Invincible and the myriad of characters in it.  The latest issue returns readers to the good ol’ days of a young superhero and all the people in it.

invincible58cover.jpgSpider-Man may be your favorite character.  It might also be Batman, Superman, the Hulk, or even Speedball, but regardless of which character is your rave fave, each is dependent on a supporting cast of characters to flesh out story ideas, and give the writer reasons to cut away from the central character.  Invincible #58 delivers that, and more, and does it in a way that makes you look forward to the next issue.

About the only regular character we don’t get to see in this issue is Mark’s mother, who is squirreled away at her current boyfriend’s apartment doing who knows what (but we can bet Mark doesn’t want to know about).  If you want to find out if Monster Girl finally discovers a cure for her reverse aging (she does), want to see how Oliver and his teacher are getting along, or if you want to see the reaction on The Immortal’s face when he finds out he and his wife are having children, it’s all in this issue.  Likewise, if you want to see Darkman and Black Samson have a heart to heart over what went down in Midnight City, if you were curious about the drawbacks of being a tailor for superheroes, or just wanted to check in with Aquarus for a quick fish induced laugh, this issue has you covered as well.

If you want to see Mark and Atom Eve get it on – they do, but only after they figure out a solution to their parental living situation.  Without asking, Eve formed a security corporation called Invincible, Inc. that rents Invincible, and presumably Eve too, out to prisons and other places that tend to get attacked by villains.  Eve’s hope is that in a couple of months they’ll have enough to buy their own house and live happily ever after.
There’s only one problem.  Those damn orbs keep following Mark around, and this issue finally reveals what Angstrom Levy has been up to all these months, and it isn’t good.  Without giving away everything, let’s just say, he’s been combing the multiverse for those who know Mark best, and are just as powerful as he is.

Like I said, this issue has everything a reader could hope for in a superhero issue.  The pacing is spot on, and the jumps between characters, locations, and plot points fills the reader in on everything that has been happening these last couple of months, without upping the page count to double-sized issue proportions.  Ryan Ottley’s art shines this month as well, as he’s able to stretch his legs a little and draw as many characters as he can – even if that includes the same character in a number of different costumes.

I was pretty hard on Invincible in my last review, but Kirkman redeems himself in my eyes, as Invincible #58 earns 4.5 out of 5 Stars.




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  1. Invincible is such a well crafted book and i have a feeling that in a decade or so when i start getting tired of comics and I need a break I will still be reading Invincible.

    Cant wait for this new story arch to start.
    Anyone else think this might be the cause of the crossovers?

  2. Honestly, the cause of the crossovers is simple: Kirkman wants Wolfman to sell.

    I don’t honestly mind Astonishing Wolf-Man, but it’s just not as charming as Invincible. This issue was interesting for me in that it reminded me of late period Lee/Ditko Spider-Man, with the character actually growing and changing.

    Eve and Mark’s young adult, get-a-job-and-move-in-together thing is interesting, and I love Kid Omniman more every issue. The main characters in this book are aging and moving in new directions, and the cliffhanger with Angstrom’s master stroke makes me wonder if we’re not going to resolve two plots with one shot…

  3. I see what you are getting at with the last part of your comment but what i was really wondering about wasn’t the cause of the Wolfman crossover but the cause/plot of the Image Event Extravaganza (for lack of better…adequate words) I’m thinking Levi’s plan might be what that event is going to be all about.

  4. @Mathew

    Yeah, I guess not every series kirkman writes can sell quite as well as invincible or walking dead. But still there’s nothing technically wrong with the comic and I kinda dig the way it can be for people want something a bit more grown up than Invincible, but still want something not quite as brutal as “Walking Dead”

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