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Review Killadelphia #4 Review
Killadelphia #4 Review 10.0

John Adams sets his plan in motion, and the vampire revolution begins, consuming Philadelphia in its bloody carnage. Is there anything J.J. and Jose can do against the tides of death? Find out in Killadelphia #4 from Image Comics.

Review Bitter Root #6 Review
Bitter Root #6 Review 10.0

Earth is not threatened by Jinoo alone – portals allow demons to slip through too. Can the Sangeryes find some allies, or are they fighting this alone? Find out in Bitter Root #6 from Image Comics!

Tartarus #1 Review 7.0

Come check out the new series from Image Comics that mixes mythology and science fiction in one big glorious amalgam. Tartarus #1 is action packed and full of secrets and surprises that will entertain all readers!

Image Comics Decorum #1
[First Look] Decorum #1

Image Comics has announced the March 2020 release of Decorum #1 from Mike Huddleston and Jonathan Hickman, and we have a first look, including the cover art by Jamie McKelvie, after the jump.

Top 500 Comics for January 2020

Diamond Comic Distributors has released its listing of the top 500 comics released to the direct market in January 2020.  Marvel was once again the top publisher, with DC right behind, but what comic topped the direct market charts? Take the jump to find out.

Review SFSX Safe Sex #6 Review
SFSX #6 Review 8.0

It all heats up in SFSX #6 from Image Comics as a brainwashed Jones confronts her former friends in the old Dirty Mind nightclub.  And while Dr Powell perfects is pain device, Boreman leads the Party in a conflagration of the sex devices.  Will all that burning latex prove a health hazard?  Find out in your Major Spoilers review!

After Realm Quarterly #1 8.0

Oona has survived Ragnarok but the world was devastated by the attack. She finds herself trying to return to a lost friend and trying to fit in with the other elven Rangers. Come see her story in the The After Realm Quarterly #1 by Image Comics!

Review Gideon Falls #21 Review
Gideon Falls #21 Review 9.7

The village comes under attack in Gideon Falls #21 from Image Comics.  Reality comes under attack as well, as Clara finally rediscovers her brother Danny.  Monsters from beyond the bounds of our reality begin to break through as the full horror of the Black Barn and the Laughing Man is unleashed in an orgy of violence, bloodshed and insanity.  Who makes it out alive?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

Review Sex Criminals #26 Review
Sex Criminals #26 Review 8.0

The comic whose title makes it impossible to recommend to your friends is back for its final arc!  Your Major Spoilers review of Sex Criminals #26 from Image Comics awaits!

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