With Dark Reign’s effects being felt throughout Marvel’s 616, who will be willing to fight back?  Nick Fury may have the solution as he has assembled an all new crew of Secret Warriors in the form of the sons and daughters of super villains.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Secret Warriors #1 that arrives in February, but if you want even more information on the series, and what else is going on in the Marvel Universe, check out the Agent of Nothing website (www.agentofnothing.com).

Nick Fury has been leaking some information all throughout the Marvel Universe and if you click over to www.agentofnothing.com and use the password “eagleeye” you’ll discover his secrets! There are additional passwords hidden in Marvel comics all throughout January, so keep your eyes peeled for even more special exclusive content!

Parent Variant Cover by TOP SECRET

Nick Fury and his new band of young heroes uncover the darkest secret in the history of the Marvel Universe!! A secret that will crack the internet into tiny little pieces!! A secret that sends the Secret Warriors tumbling into an underworld of rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, super-powered spies, and global criminal organizations. This is the Nick Fury book you’ve been waiting for! Be there for the Marvel debut of award winning Nightly News creator Jonathan Hickman as he teams up with Secret Warriors co-creator Brian Bendis to unveil a new era in Marvel mania!!


Secret Warriors #1 arrives February 4, 2009, and features a cover price of $3.99.

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  1. I love love love Jonathan Hickman.

    Nightly News; Pax Romana; Transhuman (not as much but the ending was worth it) and what I’ve read of Red Mass for Mars has been solid enough to keep me on.

    I will buy it and stick with it just because he is on the book just because I want him to do more art for Marvel and I’ll blindly support him regardless.

    I know; I dont say that about everyone. But I just have this big huge comic book man crush on Jonathan Hickman. I cant help it.

    Did I mention I love him

  2. Ah, no, that’s short-haired SHIELD agent no.2 – Agent Daisy whatserface Johnson, aka Quake. Can, uh, create Earthquakes.

  3. Quote- Ah, no, that’s short-haired SHIELD agent no.2 – Agent Daisy whatserface Johnson, aka Quake. Can, uh, create Earthquakes.

    It rocked when she killed Magneto. I forget which time it was but it was neat.

    Quote- Secret passwords to extra content?? The hell? Is this suddenly “Lost” or something? Luh-AME!

    The password actually appeared in one of the Dark Reign books on panel. Luh-ame! doesnt begin to describe it.

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