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Dark Horse Comics announces Echoes by Mike Richardson and Gabriel Guzman, that asks the question, “To stop a murder, would you become a murderer?”

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Mark Silvestri’s Image Comics imprint Top Cow Productions is best known for turning out darker superhero titles like Witchblade, The Darkess, Artifacts and Cyberforce. The company has expanded to form Minotaur Press, a subsidiary imprint through Top Cow, that releases comics that don’t fall under the superhero umbrella. The Flagship title from Minotaur Press is Echoes by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Rahsan Ekedal, a dark twisted horror book that is already becoming one of the best new comic book series of 2011. The premise is simple but haunting, as readers watch Brian Cohn struggle to control his life-long battle with

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FeaturedReviewTop Cow

This book, beginning a new mini-series from Minotaur Press, caught my eye this week with some creepy visuals and distinctive art. How did it turn out? Find out after the jump!

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Press ReleaseTop Cow

Press Release Schizophrenia, resentment, doubt…murder?  These are all things Brian Cohn inherits from his father in Top Cow Productions’ newly suspense/thriller, ECHOES, the first independent-styled series coming out of Minotaur Press.

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