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[Preview] Captain Marvel #20

Captain Marvel recruits some of her closest allies to unravel the mystery of the Universal Weapon in this week’s Captain Marvel #20 from Marvel Comics.

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COMICS PORTAL: ‘Heroes at Home?’ Really?

The difference between Marvel and DC has never been more apparent than the House of Idea’s upcoming series of covers called Heroes at Home in which Marvel characters do chores around their houses—in costume, of course!

Sneak Peek Captain Marvel #17

[Preview] Captain Marvel #17

It’s poker night at Casa Danvers, and with Wolverine, Monica Rambeau, Spider-Woman, Hazmat, Jessica Jones and Ms. Marvel all in the game, you know this sneak peek of Captain Marvel #17 is gonna rock.

Review 8.0

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 – Review

After an encounter with A.I.M., Captain Marvel is the size of an ant. Luckily, she is with the Unstoppable Wasp to help her out! Will Captain Marvel be able to return back to her normal size? Find out in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 by IDW Publishing!

Review Captain Marvel: The End #1 Review 6.3

Captain Marvel: The End #1 Review

The Earth is in need of saving and the threat can only be dealt with by one person: Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Your Major Spoilers review of Captain Marvel: The End #1 from Marvel Comics, awaits!

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