It’s the season to say what we’re all thankful for, so I thought this week I’d accentuate the positive and focus on those things in the comics industry I’m grateful are happening.


Rebirth, DC, Marvel, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, comic convention, Clermont, Pat Broderick, DCYOU, ThanksgivingI was listening to the announcement of which writers were writing the various Batman titles in the upcoming Rebirth event, and when they came to the end of that list, I was downhearted because Scott Snyder was nowhere to be found.

See, I’m convinced that his run on Batman will be determined to be a classic over the years. His teaming up with Greg Capullo rightfully made the title the number one seller many months.

That he wouldn’t be doing that any longer was heartbreaking, particularly to a Bat-fan like me.

But then, he was brought out, and they announced All Star Batman, in which he’d work with different artists to continue to tell his tales of the Dark Knight.

I went from dejected to elated in the space of a minute or two.

And he’s continuing to pen Batman stories that I like to tell people exemplify why I read comics. Thoughtful, suspenseful, action-packed and still character-oriented, they’re still the best things I read each month.

I’ll continue to be thankful as long as he has stories to tell about Batman. Oh, and I’m enjoying the new creative team on the Batman title as well!


I’ve written previously about the months that DC was the top-selling company in comics, and how I appreciated that.

As I thought, though, that streak wasn’t to last much longer, and Marvel is now back on top in sales.

What Rebirth has accomplished, in my opinion, is bring DC back from the brink. I mean, I really was concerned about DCYOU killing them. Instead, focusing on the cores of the characters has given DC the attention I’m happy they’re getting.

What’s going to happen going forward? I don’t know. I imagine Marvel will still be the most likely sales leader as we move into 2017, but I feel better about the quality and energy in DC’s books. They may not equal or surpass Marvel sales as often as I would like, but they’re making the kind of stories that will, at the very least, keep them in range of getting there again.

Maybe they just need to put out more number ones, like I think Marvel does! (Kidding… well, sort of!)


Rebirth, DC, Marvel, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, comic convention, Clermont, Pat Broderick, DCYOU, ThanksgivingOn Sunday, I was at the Clermont Comic Con in Florida for a one-day convention, and I was chatting with folks I hope will be interviewed in the weeks and months ahead.

One of them and I engaged in a discussion about women lead characters because his book featured just that thing. We talked about how great it is that more and more female leads in comics are more varied, much like men have been allowed to be for decades.

I see more women in local comics shops these days, and that also makes me happy. I think that the more interesting the ladies are in the books (and in the lead, of course), the more women we’ll see become comics fans.

And the industry could use that, I think!


As I mentioned, I just attended a one-day comic convention this past weekend. I had the chance to reflect on the past year a little, and I couldn’t help but think of all the comic cons I’ve attended in 2016. And there’s still one more to go in my schedule, too!

I’ve often mentioned that I used to spend hundreds of dollars buying action figures and other toys, as well as comics I was missing, at these events. Now, I spend most of my time seeking out great books I haven’t heard of before, and getting to meet and hope to talk more with excellent comics creators.

I hear more and more comics pros enjoying the chance to interact with the fans. When I had the chance to talk with Pat Broderick today, I told him just how much I’ve loved his work over time and that I couldn’t wait to read the new projects he has happening. Yes, I could tell him that online, but saying it face to face just seemed to make him smile more than he might in front of a computer screen.

I think the number of cons is actually a GOOD thing for the industry in that it helps broaden that connection between creators and fans. I believe they come away encouraged, and we learn a lot about what they’re doing. It’s a win-win!

Oh, and I still do get a cool item for my desk now and then! Just not hundreds of dollars worth these days!


Rebirth, DC, Marvel, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, comic convention, Clermont, Pat Broderick, DCYOU, ThanksgivingI don’t say it often enough, but I enjoy writing and creating podcasts for fans through

I get both negative and positive feedback at times, but it always makes me create better as I move forward.

I feel a real obligation to help visitors to and fans of the site to point out the highest quality storytelling I can find so you get your money’s worth as often as possible.

Not everyone agrees with me, of course. I’m pretty used to that since my identical twin brother and I don’t see eye to eye all the time, so how could I expect readers to do that? Simply put, I don’t, but I try to be as cogent and entertaining as I can be when I post something here.

I think Head Honcho Stephen Schleicher and the rest of the folks here do a terrific job in getting important information and opinions out to everyone, myself included. It’s great reading, and I always come away knowing more, which helps me enjoy my weekly comics better and better. Thanks, Stephen!

What do you think? What’s going on in the comics industry that you appreciate, are glad is happening? Feel free to share your ideas below! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thank every one of you who reads my columns and reviews, or listens to my podcast episodes! You make my day every time!

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  1. “I see more women in local comics shops these days, and that also makes me happy.”

    I am VERY thankful for that. Truth is, the majority of my friends that are comic fans are women, but it used to be an ordeal for many of them to set foot inside a comic shop (fpr example, snarky condescending fans who didn’t think they were “real” fans because of their gender. Although the majority of us are better than that, it only takes a loud few to make anyone feel uncomfortable.). It just upsets me when someone isn’t able to enjoy something they like because others find it “unacceptable” or because they don’t fit some arbitrary mold of the kind of person expected to enjoy it.

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