I’m probably always going to love sci-fi in comics. And to see a particularly great one return is quite the thrill for me!

I never saw any of the ROM toys the books were based on, but I still loved the comic, missed it when it was gone. But now it’s back, kicking butt and taking Dire Wraith names!

ROM #2
Writers: Chris Ryall, Christos Gage
Artist: David Messina
Colorist: Alessandra Alexakis
Published by: IDW Publishing
Cover price: $3.99

Previously in ROM: “Earthfall,” part 2. ROM is under attack by an entire town full of Dire Wraiths… but these Wraiths are far more powerful than any he’s ever faced before. How? Why? The answers await in this issue… if you dare!


It’s not often that a revived comic matches, much less surpasses the original. It does happen, though, and it just may be true in this case.

There are many, many layers to this series, and two issues in, I’m fascinated to see just who is what in ROM.

I loved the silvery armored hero, thought it was really tragic that he couldn’t return to being a human. But he was still very heroic, and I admired that. Still do.

And that’s saying something. A robot/mechanic character can be tough to latch on to. The original series did it well, and I’m locked in already on this new version!

I never realized how far ahead of its time this comic was. Years later, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would have shapeshifters all over the galaxy, and they were quite nasty.  This book happened about 20 years before that show!

The writers have done a great job of crafting ROM’s personality, as well as those around him. They flung together without any regard for timing or compatibility, which makes things even more tense than might be expected.

Action takes place on nearly every page, and we just don’t know who is Dire Wraith, who isn’t, or who is on the way to becoming one. Gripping writing, if I do say so myself!


I just mentioned the sci-fi action, and I think the art team truly delivers in this area. Movement, pacing and conflict all are done well in both issues to date!

They also have resisted the temptation to harken back too far in comic art, to mimic too much what took place in the early Marvel comics. Instead, there are nods to what took place then as well as cool Easter Eggs to Hasbro and other fun things from those days. Well done!

BOTTOM LINE: The Dark Knight, and Again the Space Knight!

The next couple of months are going to be kind of challenging for fans as we encounter an event called “Revolution.” In September, there will be two issues of a comic by that name as well as ROM: Revolution #1, M.A.S.K.: Revolution #1 and Micronauts: Revolution #1. Then in October, there are two more issues of Revolution as well as four other related books. I hope my store ordered these well!

It’s fun to revisit this top-notch sci-fi series, and I hope it lasts for a long, long time. Batman will always be called “The Dark Knight,” but now ROM will be called “The Space Knight” again, something I’m truly enjoying! (Even his nickname was ahead of its time!)

If you haven’t read the first two issues, now’s the time to track them down and dive in, particularly if you’re a sci-fi reader like me!

Oh, and if you haven’t listened to it already, check out the Dueling Review episode focusing on ROM #1 at this link!


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