Before anyone arrives to chastise me, I’ve always hated the term “heroine” (a fact which is neither here nor there, but worth getting out of the way).  My pecadilloes aside, we now know that the Marvel’s Phase 3 slate of films features a standalone movie for Captain Marvel, the first Marvel film with a solo female hero in the title role, and it’s honestly well-past time for it. In fact, I’d say that it’s time for a lot more, especially given the number of fun characters available from Marvel’s 50-year history of publishing. (Yes, there are characters in their that predate that. No, it was not always Marvel.) Could they make a fun movie out of Firebird? Tigra, The Were-Woman? Squirrel Girl? With that in mind, I think it’s time we, the fans, give the MCU some ideas on whom we’d like to see in Phase 4, leading to today’s woman-centric query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really wants to see a She-Hulk movie, but can’t stand the thought of so many people hollering ‘Gina Carano’ all at once, asking: What female hero of the Marvel Universe should get her own solo film next?


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  1. I would love X-23 to get one as her storyline is cool. Or Rachel Summers. In the Marvel Cinematic I would suggest She Hulk makes sense… based on being an Avenger of long standing. Most of the others seem to be affiliated with Fox or Sony. Or I just lack imagination. (Also I would vote for Dazzler because who would not want to see a movie about disco)

  2. Starshine?



    Spider-Woman and I want to see her movie done by Marvel not Sony. I have no idea how she got tied up with the Spider-Man rights. Spider-Woman (at leaset Jessica Drew) is not and never has been a “Spider-Man” character. Sure there have been some guest spots in each other’s books but the tie we see to the “spidey verse” is something more recent and it’s only because “spider” is in her name. I don’t like it and I wish they would stop.

  3. Squirrel Girl could be a fun movie. Pretty much every MCU movie to date has been almost all within the realms of adults, so it could be a way to step to the side and make a movie with the characters being mostly High School or College age, as well as showing that you don’t need powers on the same scale of the Avengers to be a hero. The post credits scene could even be a nod to her comic book history and have her approach Iron Man intending to be a sidekick only to be turned down.

  4. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Black Widow.

    It would be ridiculous to build her up all through Iron Man 2, Avengers 1 and 2 and Captain America 2, and then not give her, her own movie.

    If the execs don’t believe in female-lead action movies, then tell them they can market it as a “Secret Avengers” film, throw in Bucky, Warmachine and Hawkeye in the trailers, give them 10 minutes each in the flick and just give us a damn awesome Natasha Romanova spy flick the other 90 minutes.

    If they think Cap has a monopoly on the spy-thriller at Marvel, then make her film a high concept, surreal, stylized, spy-fi film.
    Cap can be all gritty Bourne and Brubaker-esq and Black Widow can go the Bond/Avengers(UK)/The Prisoner, route. Modesty Blaise in a world of superheroes. Volcano Island, bebop Jazz and a super intricate opening sequence with a song by David Bowie, the whole treatment.

    • AFAIK, unless something changed in the last few months, they already are planning a Black Widow film. There were a bunch of articles about it in the early/mid portion of last year about it being planned and such, and I can’t seem to find any notice about the project being scrapped.

      • Doctor Dinosaur on

        Still, there’s a long way between planning and green lighting it. In fact if we aren’t seeing any notices it may have been scrapped. It’s certainly not in our immediate future according to Marvel’s 5 year plan. I need to see an announcement before I get my hopes up.

        I want to believe.

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