The porn parody genre continues to be a popular genre as just about every property has been given the treatment.

“But what about Futurama? I haven’t seen a female version of Bender and Fry getting it on.”

Oh Dear Reader, prepare to have your mind blown… has announced an upcoming photo set that takes the popular characters from the series and… well…. you know….

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This is disturbing on so many levels, but probably not as disturbing as the Adventure Time cosplay adventure…


Yup. That’s a thing… apparently. Now for those who are about to go nuts, neither one of these features any sex acts. The Futurama “parody” does show off some naughty bits, but the Adventure Time is more of a “comedy” routine with no nudity.  It’s all very weird, but also a thing that continues to happen in pop culture.

Though the stuff veers off into the truly bizarre, other companies continue to release their porn parodies taking characters from pop culture and allowing fans to see what happens when clothes come off. recently released the X-Men XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, which seems to have missed out on the best possible title – XXX-Men… but they probably know better, and that’s probably why I’m not making a million dollars a year coming up with great titles for naughty movies.




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    • Not really if you consider how often that sort of thing happens. Since it isn’t so much a porn parody as a “sexy photos” parody, they are probably just trying to maximize the appeal to their target audience. Even porn parodies seem to often replace a number of male characters with female versions for similar reasons (not that I know much about that or anything, pay no attention to the secret box in my closet).

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