Dancing Groot is on the way


Remember how everyone was screaming for a dancing potted Groot following the release of Guardians of the Galaxy? We’re getting one… kind of.

Pop Vinyls has announced it has a dancing baby Groot, but instead of a figure based on the dancing flower/soda can from the late ’80s early ’90s, this is simply a bobble head. While product descriptions don’t say the figure dances to music exactly, I’m guessing the beat of the music in your car or on your desk will make the little head bounce around.

Still, isn’t this simply the cutest? While there was a time when collectors would argue over Mighty Muggs and POP! Vinyls, it seems Funko has won the day.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Bobble Figure arrives in December 2014, and has a suggested price of $9.99.

via Pop Vinyls