The internet has been ablaze this week preparing for today, as it’s not only Easter Sunday, not only the middle of Passover (Didja remember to sell all your chametz?), but also a holiday with which I was previously unfamiliar called “420”.  (Judging from the pictures I’ve seen online, I think it’s a celebration of Popeye’s birthday, celebrated by seeing who can grow the tallest spinach plants?  Bygones…)  The intersection of these various celebrations has led to an agglomeration of traditionall ceremonies, as well as a general scarcity of chocolate eggs, matzoh and Fritos.  For my part, while I enjoy the Easter basket tradition, the aging of the children with whom I interact has led to fewer cool Easter egg hunts, and as for 420, I can never tear the top of the can with my teeth, leading us to today’s celebratory query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) used to love Halloween as a child, because of the local who would give out calaveras, sugar-candies in the shape of skulls, which seemed otherwise unavailable in small-town Kansas, asking: What’s your favorite holiday treat/tradition?


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  1. This is tough, because I love holiday traditions. And holiday treats. But with this being Easter weekend and all, I remembered my mother used to make pashka for Easter, and that has got to be my favorite holiday treat ever. Pashka is Russian, and is kind of like a rich cheesecake. It was always so good, I would savor every bite trying to make it last as long as possible. And would try not to lick my plate clean, at least if we had company over.

  2. Every year we make my favourite, horribly unhealthy snack at Christmas – Holly Berry Cookies

    Basically just corn / frosted flakes coated in marshmallow and green food dye, formed into wreaths with some cinnamon candies stuck into them.

    My grandma used to make them when I was little and I started doing it again about five years ago.

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