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  1. I’m a little torn on Nova’s look, but I’d have to see it in action and in context before I can say if I really dislike it or not. It isn’t bad, it just looks a little, I dunno, “off” to me from those images.

    • whatever you are smoking stop cause those costumes are horrible those helmets look nothing like the actually standard nova corp helmets they looks like they just took the costumes from Dredd and gave it a different insignia

      • The idea is that, since Nova Corps is a military force, their lower ranks would be like soldiers. If you’ve ever actually read the comics you’d know they are less like superheroes in spandex and more like space police with powers and technology. So far the lower rank soldiers shown in these pics look exactly like what a realistic force would look like.

    • The last 3 pics are of Star-Lord’s equipment, except the daggers belong to Drax and the orb is what Star-Lord is stealing in the footage.

      The other pics are of a Nova Corps soldier, the red 3-point star indicates rank, not sure which rank but it’s below Centurion.

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