TOYS: Slideshow Toys previews six new figures


Anytime one of the top toy companies announces one new figure it is enough to excite us here at Major Spoilers, so with Slideshow releasing images for SIX coming figures we almost can’t handle ourselves. Take the jump for all the images, including the Man of Steel!

DC’s Sixth Scale line of toys have been rolling out figures for awhile, with a heavy Batman bent. The Batman trend continues here with five out of the six previewed figures coming out of the Bat camp. Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Joker, and the Dark Knight himself have new figures, but the big announcement is the Superman figure. Those apposed to the costume change coming from the New 52 will be happy to see that Superman dones his classic blue and red costume with his red trunks firmly on the outside.

Slideshow hasn’t announced any other information with these figures, but when they come out you can expect to pay in the $200 range.