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Heroic Publishing’s brand-new corporate logo, which has already begun appearing on the Heroic website at, will make its debut on Heroic’s line of superhero comic book titles beginning with issues on sale in October, cover-dated November 2012.

The first comic book to feature the new logo will be CHAMPIONS #57. This upcoming issue of Heroic’s flagship title features a Paul Abrams cover and a brand-new adventure of the savage TIGRESS.

The new Heroic Publishing logo is designed to promote brand awareness across the company’s entire line of comic book titles. For the past several years, Heroic had been using a simple block “H,” overlaid with the words “Heroic Publishing.” According to publisher Dennis Mallonee, that design was elegant in its simplicity, but failed to give prominence to the company’s name. The new logo not only emphasizes the word “HEROIC,” the word itself provides a visual cue as to the company’s mission by breaking the boundaries of the elliptical design element that rests directly behind it.

And for more than a quarter of a century, breaking the boundaries of the traditional comic book superhero has always been what Heroic Publishing is about.

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