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    • Hmm.. That would sort of suck for the characters involved. Since once Steve identified the Winter Soldier as Bucky and then used the Cosmic Cube to restore his memory, he may have inadvertently turned a Bucky clone into a “real” Bucky. Why the single arm is anyone’s guess (other than that it would make a convincing story should anyone figure out who he looked like and having a bionic arm would let him use higher-powered weaponry). I’d hate to think the genuine article is a 90-year-old dude (or the remains of one) floating in a tank in Omsk or something, begging as he has done for the last 70 years to be allowed to die.

      Alternately, I wonder if someone at Marvel might have recently watched the movie “Who?” (AKA “Robo Man”) and got an idea for a new story arc for BuckyCap.

  1. This was started in Cap 619…It’s Project Zephyr, sleeper agents trained by the Winter Soldier to look and act American. So, it’s “What if there were more than one Winter Soldier?”. Further, I guarantee that the narrator in Cap and Bucky will be revealed as James Barnes, who uses his near death at the hands of Sin to go underground to find the sleepers.

  2. Have they messed up the “Red Guardian” so much that he can’t come back? Black Widow’s first and only husband that I know of. (Then they gave the title to a chick… and things got really “Ursus Major” mess! But, it’s probably a Bucky clone teaming up with the Spider-man clone and maybe the Superman clone can come out to play too!

    • Wouldn’t that be Marvel nU-ltimate II? Meh…anyway my guess is that there was another Captain America created around the same time as the other only this one is Black-Latino-Asian-Indian-American-Indian-Eskimo-Pacific Islander…who is a Muslim Jew Atheist Buddhist. Written by the brilliant Brian Michael Bendis of course!

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