The latest rumor surrounding the third installment of the Christopher Nolan helmed Batman franchise, now has Catwoman being played by Megan Fox.  This news comes from The Sun out of the UK, which previously had Cher playing the cat-themed thief, and Eddie Murphy signed as the Riddler.  Keep in mind, that many consider The Sun to be on par with Weekly World News, and that Nolan has even gone on record as to say that there is no script for the third Batman film, which puts this Megan Fox story clearly in the longshot bet category.

But hey, at least it got us to feature Megan Fox on the site once more.

For more interesting, and probably closer to reality news, IMAX and Warner Bros. have been hinting that the third film might be shot exclusively on the IMAX format.  Portions for The Dark Knight were shot on the format with great success, but the lack of cameras, large size, and cost, might still prevent the IMAX experience from playing out.

via The Sun


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  1. Megan Fox has been rumored to play everyone from Lara Croft to Wonder Woman to Catwoman. … I don’t think they’ve cast the lead role for the Captain America movie yet. I bet she’s playing Steve Rogers too.

    So if the 3rd movie is exclusively IMAX does that mean that it would only be shown on IMAX screens? If so, that would seem to limit the potential viewership and show times, as IMAX isn’t that prevalent yet.

    But the important thing is that Megan Fox got a new entry and picture on the site. No need to ever worry about Major Spoiler’s success. It sells itself. :-D

  2. lifeisaglitch life on

    Ah yes “The Sun” i think the British refer to it as…well actually i think they try to avoid referring to it at all.

    Anyway the “no script” thing might be dated a bit, Sirius Black…i mean Commissioner Gordon…Dammit i forgot his name! Anyway he hinted that shooting might begin in 2010. So if you consider him a reliable source they must have at least begun some preliminary writing.

    Also doing a movie with the Penguin trying to establish organized crime in Gotham while a bunch of already (movie-verse)established freaks like Szas and Scarecrow (maybe some others) go the “DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER” route and then having Bats try to balance fighting those things could be a way to go imho. At least as an opener…Personally i would like to see a teeny tiny bit of “non realism” be introduced to this franchise so it may be a bit more compatible with the DC universe as a whole (JLA movie!!!!) Ras coming back from would be interesting, no?
    I think they are allowed to experiment, Goyer and Nolan have shown they know what they are doing.

  3. more meagan fox. i love it. shes so stupidly hot it doesnt make any sense, although vanessa hudgens could give her a run for her money IMO

  4. lifeisaglitch life on

    Oh and…no source and lack of serious acting chops on Megans part kills this rumor… if not the fact that “The Sun” were the 1st ones out with it…they just make shit up as they go along.

  5. VISUALLY she would be a good fit for Selina Kyle. But trying to picture her and Christian Bale together at a formal benefit gala and it falls appart for me. He look doesn’t fit, if that makes sense?

    Let’s leave Scarecrow in Arkham though, I would not mind seeing Szas, but I would LOVE to see Batman go up against a real-world style Deadshot or Deathstroke, or both. Maybe a contest of bounty hunters to see who could get Batman first.

    • He look doesn’t fit, if that makes sense?

      Should have said , “Her look doesn’t fit the established look, if that makes sense?”

      At work, attention, diverted….

  6. I’m probably the only one who thinks this, but I don’t find her hot at all, and am sick to death of her. She can’t act, and any movie she is in could be better with a better actress that is actually good and hotter.

    • Thank the baby Buddha!!! A Kindred spirit in a sea of insanity!!!!!! I hate Megan Fox. She looks like she’s stoned stupid, and over half the pictures i have seen of her make her look like she weighs about 60 lbs. She needs a cheeseburger and an education. The end. I cannot wait until “we”, the populace, have found a NEW chick to obsess over.

  7. This rumor reminds me of the Halle Berry conundrum. Ms. Berry is an icon of beauty, and maybe even a decent actor by some standards. But aside from the hype of involvement, she was a laughable Storm and an even worse Catwoman. Even cutting her some slack for the scripts and direction she was saddled with, Halle was never believable or engaging in either role.

    I accept that Hollywood will find an attractive lady to play Selina (or Wonder Woman, etc.), but if the tone of the script is even slightly reverential, then the talent has to be the main priority. Trained actors (rather than celebutantes) can inhabit a role, even if the character is physically unlike the actor’s normal appearance. RDJ in “Tropic Thunder”, Linda Hunt in “The Year of Living Dangerously”, John Hurt in “The Elephant Man”, and Daniel Day Lewis in “My Left Foot” all come to mind. None were dependent on prosthetics/ FX. They have serious chops on top of that. You would think after the success of TDK, Hollywood would cease decision making via Tiger Beat. They can always make films purely for us to ogle Megan Fox without messing up the superhero film genre.

  8. … then I scrolled back up looked at that Megan Fox photo again. Now I’m imagining her in Michelle Pfieffer’s Catsuit. Or better yet, Julie Newmar’s.

    Uhm, nevermind what I said before.

  9. I read this news on MSN. I didn’t believe them either. She can’t act. But man is she good to look at. I’m personally pulling for a Catwoman/Hush villian pair for the next movie. I think it’s about time they pulled a lesser known Bat-villian for the big screen.

  10. The reason they call it “casting” is to find someone who can inhabit the role that the creators have in mind… Do I think Megan Fox can pull off Catwoman? Physically, sure. Do I see her convincingly playing a woman known for her cunning and her sneakiness? Not really, no. But then, I’m not in on the creation of this movie, and I remember a great deal of trepidation about Heath Ledger as the Joker.

    For that matter, I didn’t think Jack Nicholson would make a good Joker, either, and his performance is one of the highlights of the ’89 Batman for me… Even though he’s chewing scenery like Mrs. Garrett in a drug themed ‘Facts of Life,’ and he’s playing a character who physically resembles and tends to act more like The Riddler, it’s a good role, and it works with what the creators came up with.

    (BTW, it’s okay that Nicholson’s suit-wearing, balding, puzzle-leaving Joker is more like the Riddler, because Jim Carrey’s later portrayal of a wire-thin, giggling, maniacal Riddler is more like the traditional image of the Joker… Discuss.)

  11. @ Usagizero: You’re entitled to be sick of her if you wish. Of course, it might be easiest to not read and post to threads about Megan Fox if you want to limit your exposure.

    Megan does not fit the Batman movies as they are now done. They need an actress with beauty, sure (and dear god not Maggie Gyllenhaal (no offense, but…)), but also an actress who can bring real depth to the role.

    Megan isn’t that actress. And, honestly, she would tell you as much.

    She will get plenty of movies to display her hotness. And, while the planets realign to orbit her we can still get the most out of the next Batman movie.

    But, again, this is all such a farcical rumor it doesn’t matter. I guarantee she is not going to be in the next Batman film if Nolan directs it.

    On the side note, it would be wicked cool to see Batman go against Deathstroke.

    • @ Usagizero: You’re entitled to be sick of her if you wish. Of course, it might be easiest to not read and post to threads about Megan Fox if you want to limit your exposure.

      Major Spoilers welcomes all opinions and comments, so long as we maintain civility and do not engage in personal attacks or hate speech. If someone wishes to comment on something they do not like, that is the privilege afforded by the comment section, which IS moderated.

      I’m not at all a fan of the “if you don’t like it, go elsewhere” school of thought, and this seems like it may be venturing dangerously close to that realm…

      • Yes, of course. I didn’t mean any offense nor was I suggesting anyone go elsewhere.

        You know me well enough by now to know that my sole goal in life seems to be to get more participation on the site. My posts reads terribly and I apologize.

        I only meant that, if you know there is something you don’t like, you will likely only encounter more aggravation by reading about it. But nonetheless, if you want to read and reply, by all means do so!

        Apologies to Usagizero and all concerned if it seemed I meant otherwise.

        But rest assured, you will not have to endure seeing Megan in a Batman movie. This is yet another random internet rumor designed to generate buzz for those who started it.

      • Thank you for saying this Mr. Matthew, and also for adding the “reply” feature to these commenty things. :) I was going to go off on a tangent (but don’t have to!) about how we are allowed to voice our dislike just as much as our like, and perhaps even MORE so because if things suck and we don’t speak up… Well, that’s how the communists take over!! Or… wait. It’s the terrorists now, not the commies, right? Anyway, freedom of speech DOES go both ways, like you said. :D

        • Absolutely. I agree.

          Your desire to advocate the right to bash Ms. Fox, since you have expressed your disdain for her, is noted and accepted.

          All voices should be heard. … well, maybe not Gilbert Gottfried.

  12. Don’t disparage the Weekly World News – that’s where I learned that Nessie had given birth!
    I think if anyone could wear Michelle Pfeiffer’s cat suit, Megan Fox could pull it off…

  13. I don’t get why Fox is an an actress rather than a model. Sure, she’s pretty to look at, but she doesn’t seem to anything in her roles besides look pretty. There are plenty of hot actresses who can actually act…. There a big difference from Ledger, too. He’d already been nominated for an Oscar before TDK. I’m not dissing Fox personally but I don’t find her interesting in movies.

    • Just so you’re aware, Megan Fox is also up for two Oscars this year, both of which she is expected to win: “Hottest Actress in a Movie about Cannibalism” and “Hottest Actress in a Movie about Giant Robots from Cybertron.”

  14. It’s a good point, Jim. I don’t know the answer but it would actually be a valid question to pose to Megan if it could be done in a non-offensive way.

    I suspect the answer is that any of us might enjoy certain pursuits that don’t necessarily play to our greatest strengths. Megan seems to enjoy acting, probably for the fun of playing different roles as well as she can, as opposed to modeling that mainly requires her to pose, pause, and wait for the shutter to click.

    So maybe she’s just doing as best she can with what she’s been given for as long as it lasts.

    I often get annoyed by actors (who aren’t even good actors) who also try to release albums (and sound horrible). But I guess it’s their right to try to act and sing if they want and ours to not enjoy their efforts.

    I think Megan is an adequate actress who certainly keeps my attention and does fine with the roles she’s had so far. I would like to see her given a role with real depth and an excellent director, just to see how she would do with it, given every opportunity.

    She might surprise us. And if she doesn’t, I wouldn’t complain about watching her try.

    • I think Navarre has a mega-sized Megan-crush… ;) (This is intended in good humor, and light spirits. :) But it is kinda obvious you’re a fan, which is okay. Just as it’s okay that I’m _not_.)

      • oh, I don’t know that I like her any more or less than most guys. You are in the minority as far as males go, which is fine.

        Yeah, I think Megan is quite the epitome of sexuality, in that semi-tawdry way. She’s not the kind of girl I’d want to date or have a long-term relationship with, as far as I can tell.

        But to me she seems laid back, level-headed, and likable. I don’t expect brilliance from her. She’s beautiful so I appreciate the qualities she has.

        She likes comic books too. That’s a big plus.

        I’m tired of having crushes on stars. They never return my letters and the restraining orders are such a hassle. ;-)

    • I genuinely don’t think Megan Fox is capable of surprising us with hidden depths of marvelous acting skill. She gets by on her looks and knows it, or else she’d talk about something other than her nymphomania in interviews. She knows that the only reason she gets any work is because guys like to fantasize about her. Her whole “And I’m a geek, too” masquerade is an attempt to buoy the already-carefully-cultivated image of a sex fiend she’s been building in an attempt to make her more appealling to her target demographic. She’s about as manufactured as they come, and the fact that she’s been embraced as a “classic beauty just waiting to break out” instead of “greasy, tawdry hack coasting on her looks” says volumes about both Hollywood and the audience’s increasingly lowered expectations.

      I really expect better from Major Spoilers than this crap. Yeah, it’s masked as a rumor, but at the end of the day, it’s “Hey, guys, spank photos!” You’re the smart comic book site without any arrogance about being smart – you’re not Wizard or Cracked. But every time you post a picture of this staggering non-talent and celebrate yourselves for doing so, I’m reminded that apparently all comic sites are the same anyway – shallow boys clubs. It’s very disappointing.

      • lifeisaglitch life on

        “Shallow ALL gender and sexual orientation inclusive FUN club”

        Tight spandex clad fun all around and a sweaty Brian Austin Green..just a few scrolls down.

        • Now, now. Let’s be honest.

          We all know the reason Bryan Austin Green was featured was not due to his appearance in Smallville, but rather a cheap and obvious ploy for more Google hits because he’s the guy was/is actually bagging this ‘greasy, tawdry hack coasting on her looks.’

          Geez, ‘glitch. Get with the system.

          • So Brian Austin Green was featured out of vicarious appreciation? Ha, funny.

            Maybe I’m too old but I still remember him as David Silver on 90210. After watching his character date Tori Spelling’s and watching what he considered dancing, I’ve never been able to take him seriously since.

            But he’s got Megan so I guess he’s doing something right. … Well, unless you hate her in which case he’s a superficial jerk who’s only with her as a trophy girl.

            Whatever works for you.

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