Lots of announcements coming out of the DC Comics panels today.  Take the jump for word on Batman and more!


Green Lantern

Batman Titles

  • Red Hood is not the Red Hood you think it is.  Neither is Scarlet.
  • Hush will continue to cause trouble in Streets of Gotham, and Gotham City Sirens
  • The Joker will return to deal with Harley Quinn in Gotham City Sirens
    • Mr. J. did not die when that ambulance went off the bridge
  • No one would talk about who’s under Batgirl’s mask
  • The Question back up story in Detective Comics will get a bump to 10 pages beginning in issue #858.  No one asked if that means the lead story is going to get a page reduction, or if DC is upping the page count again.  The most recent issue had a four page preview, so maybe that is where the extra content will go.
  • The Question will also move to the front of the book for a time, while the Kate Kane stories move to the backup story.  When Williams returns to the art, Batwoman moves back to the front.
  • Azreal will be an ongoing title.
    • Michael Lane is Azreal
  • Red Robin will continue to find Tim Drake Wayne headed to a dark place.
  • If you missed it, Batman Beyond stories are returning.
  • The Robin/Super Boy/Kid Flash reunion will occur in Adventure Comics
  • Tony Daniel is coming back to Batman for “a bunch of issues”
  • On Batman R.I.P. one fan complained, to which DiDo said, “Let’s look ahead, let’s not look back”.  Ouch.


  • That Mon-El, man of Valor arc mentioned yesterday will spill over five issues.
  • Bringing Superboy back was always a plan, according to DiDio. Sarcasm is always so hard to read in print form, isn’t it?

Wednesday Comics

  • Issue 5 will feature a 65 panel Wonder Woman page.  Really?  I could almost see that.
  • According to DC, the numbers for Wednesday Comics are climbing with each order
  • The company is looking for ways to best collect this series in trade.
  • Apparently newsprint is more expensive than regular paper now, according to Mark Chiarello, art director for DC Comics


  • The Cry For Justice mini-series will feature big surprises in issues 5, 6, and 7, each with long-lasting effects in the DC Universe.  Really.  No Joke.
  • Ambush Bug: Year None #6 is on its way.  Honest


Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  • Look for Enemy Ace, GI Robot, Vixen, Firestorm, Metal Men, Doom Patrol, Starro, and Captain Marvel and the Marvellettes The Marvel Family appear throughout season two.
    • If Warner Bros. and DC can get things worked out, Superman and Wonder Woman might appear in the series as well.  Wouldn’t it be funny if they portrayed Superman as a big dork?
  • Look for Julie Newmar to voice Martha Wayne in the “Chill of the Night” flashback episode
  • Those who attended the panel got to see the Neil Patrick Harris Music Master, all musical episode.  So. Jealous.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

  • Arrives September 29
  • Kevin Conroy returns as Batman as does Clancy Brown for Lex Luthor

From the press release

The definitive voices of Batman and Lex Luthor, Kevin Conroy and Clancy Brown, respectively, made their long-awaited appearances at CCI during a Superman/Batman: Public Enemies panel on Friday, July 24. The pair was greeted with an extended round of cheers and applause from a crowd of 2,100 fans during the early evening panel.

Conroy has not attended CCI in six years, while Brown has never made an appearance at the San Diego convention.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, the sixth entry in the popular DVD series of DC Universe animated original PG-13 movies, will be distributed by Warner Home Video on September 29, 2009 as a Special Edition 2-disc version on DVD and Blu-Rayâ„¢ Hi-Def, as well as single disc DVD and On Demand.

DC Shorts

From the press release

During Friday evening’s Superman/Batman: Public Enemies panel, DC Comics Senior Vice President of Creative Affairs Gregory Noveck confirmed the internet rumors that the co-producers of the DC Universe animated original movies – Warner Premiere, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Video and DC Comics – are indeed now producing a series of animation shorts.

While Noveck said the group was not yet prepared to issue any details of titles, distribution or release dates, he did admit that a Jonah Hex short – written by Joe Lansdale – would be among the initial series of animation shorts.

That wraps it up for the DC announcements for today – or at least the ones I was able to get to.  More stuff tomorrow, when the show really shifts into high gear.


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  1. —–On Batman R.I.P. one fan complained, to which DiDo said, “Let’s look ahead, let’s not look back”. Ouch.

    Yeah, that seems pretty normal. Lets ignore feedback unless it is praise.

    Ugh, I need to get on to sleep…

  2. “Ambush Bug: Year None #6 is on its way. Honest.”

    I hope so. It’s been too long as it is. Very fun book, lots of old continuity jokes and poking fun at DiDio and the DC editorial staff.

  3. “Ambush Bug: Year None #6 is on its way. Honest.”

    My guess has long been that the final issue takes shots at FINAL CRISIS and Lo3W in ways that required both to wrap before AB:YN #6 could ship. The further both books careened off the scheduling rails, the longer it was gonna be before Giffen’s masterpiece could reach stands.

    Sadly, a book that moves fewer than 20k units just doesn’t have the clout to just appear anyway like FLASH: REBIRTH, regardless of both containing.. ah… that phrase on the banner at the top of this page, here.

  4. So they are putting the Joker in the most sucky bat book out, Gotham City Sirens. They should have the Joker in the regular Batman title, but then again, Two Face is more of Dick Grayson’s arc nemesis I suppose.

    And what do they mean by “if you missed it, Batman Beyond stories are coming back”? Wasn’t Batman Beyond a cartoon that came out after I stopped watching cartoons? What is the deal with that?

    Well Michael Lane is a thousand times more cool then Jean Paul Valley with his gay long blond hair. I think this Azrael story might be more interesting. Then again, the only thing I know about the old Az is that he took Bruce’s place for a while and just went his own way with it. I never bothered to read his solo series except for when it crossed into Contagion. I don’t think I missed much.

    I can’t wait to read Batgirl. I hope they take as long as they want to reveal who she really is and why she took the mantle of Batgirl. Sounds like a fun little mystery. Maybe they’ll give a prize to whoever figures out who she is…

    I was hoping for some better Bat-news though. This barely took away my cravings.

    It looks like the Superman books are still going to be fun for awhile though. I’ve been reading since New Krypton started. I need to get that Braniac arc in trade though, I been meaning to check that out.

  5. Robbie, I think that saying Gotham City Sirens is the most sucky bat book out is a little premature. The second issue was just released, and while it is a slow starter, it looks like it could have potential. Now if my the 4th issue we are still spinning our wheels, I’ll start agreeing. Even though I have been out of comics for a year plus, I was able to pick up GCS and get what was going on pretty much without a lot of problem.

    Just sayin. ;-)

    Regarding Wednesday Comics, the Wonder Woman page is the weakest, imo. I find it nearly impossible to read and can;t really figure out what is going on. In contrast, the Adam Strange and Kamandi are two of my favorites, with their being stylistically like older Sunday Comics like Flash Gordon and Prince Valiant.

  6. Yeah, maybe I’ll have more love for Sirens if they find a new artist for it after an arc or two, if it lasts that long. I would do anything to see Jim Lee draw Sirens!! I wouldn’t miss an issue of that. I don’t even think it’s Paul Dini’s fault that issue two sucked. I think it was just the way it was executed that startled me.

    Wednesday Comics has been fun so far, but if I have to quit smoking pot before all 12 issues have come out, I might lost interest in all the Silver Age nostalgia of it. Plus it just feels nice to drop a $4 book when they are so many other options out there at the moment, especially with all those great Batman and Superman books out there. It seems like Batman, Superman, and Supergirl are my favorite parts of Wednesday Comics too!! You know what I’m saying? The Green Lantern installments aren’t bad either since I hardly know anything about the character, but I don’t know anything about who Kamandi is and I’m absolutely loving it!! I’m not really feeling The Demon And Catwoman because I don’t know nothing about who Demon is. Not knowing anything about Deadman hurts the experience some too.
    I’d say there a 50 percent chance that I buy it all the way through, 50 percent chance it could get dropped before I make it that far!

  7. We would love to see the behind the scenes stuff with Julie Newmar playing the voice of Bruce Wayne’s mom. Anyone?? Is this included as an extra when the dvd is sold??

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