Marvel Reveals More Info on Future Projects


avengers.jpgYesterday, during the Marvel Studios Analyst webcast, the company revealed more details on their future projects.

Direct-to-DVD Features Status
Ultimate Avengers 2 – Released 8/8/06
Iron Man – In production
Doctor Strange – In production
Teen Avengers – Development

TV Series
Fantastic Four – In production
Wolverine and the X-Men – Pre-production
Iron Man – Development
Spider-Man – Development

Film Production
Ghost Rider – Sony – Feb. ‘07
Spider-Man 3 – Sony – May ‘07
Fantastic Four 2 – Fox – June ‘07

Deathlok – Paramount
Gargoyle – Sony
Magneto – Fox
Namor – Universal
The Punisher 2 – Lions Gate
Wolverine – Fox

Self Financed Films
Iron Man – May 2, 2008
Director – JON FAVREAU
Production Designer Production Designer – J. MICHAEL RIVA
VFX Supervisor VFX Supervisor – JOHN NELSON
Director of Photography Director of Photography – MATTHEW LIBATIQU

Incredible Hulk likely to be the second film
Director: Louis Leterrier
Writer: Zak Penn

Ant Man
Director – Edgar Wright

Captain America
Writer: David Self

Nick Fury
Writer: Andrew Marlowe

Writer: Mark Protosevic

The Avengers
Writer: Zak Penn

Avengers would certainly be the last movie to be made, because the succes of Thor, Ant Man, Captain America, and Iron Man will hinge on the line up of the team.

Best of all, Marvel has a new strategic plan to self-finance feature films in order to retain creative and strategic control of their franchise.

Via Marvel Studio (link)