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Review Monster Planet #5 Review 4.3

Monster Planet #5 Review

Blaire must make a terrible choice: The fate of humanity or her friends’ lives?  Your Major Spoilers review of Monster Planet #5 awaits!

Review 9.0

Mystere #2 (of 5): Rumors

Mary Medina is still hesitant to return to the mantle of Mystere but when an entity called The Blacksmith is around she may not have a choice. Will she don her suit and return to her previous life or will she be able to leave it all behind? Find out in Mystere #2 by Zenescope Entertainment.

Review 8.3

Mystere: A New Dawn #1

Mary Medina has retired from her life as Mystère and spends her days volunteering at a homeless shelter. Find out in Mystère #1 about the forces that may force her to use her dark powers once again!