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Review Daredevil Annual #1 Review

Daredevil Annual #1 Review

Mike Murdock is no longer an identity created by Matt but a real living and breathing person! He now works for Wilson Fisk and The Hood and some may wonder if he is here to stay. Find out in Daredevil Annual #1 by Marvel Comics!

Sneak Peek Emperor Hulkling #1

[Preview] Emperor Hulkling #1

The Kree and Skrull worlds are aligned – and only a man born of both can lead them. Take the jump for a preview of Lords of Empyre Emperor Hulkling #1 from Marvel Comics.

Featured Noble #11 Review

Noble #11 Review

David and Astrid begin to make plans for the coming of more specials and start off with trying to recruit some whom they have bad blood. And while the streets of North Carolina become a battleground, Noble finds he faces a threat directed at not only himself but the people he has sworn to protect. It’s all in Noble #11 from Lion Forge.

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