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Sneak Peek Snow Angels #4

PREVIEW: Snow Angels #4

Jeff Lemire and Jock are back this week in Snow Angels #4 from comiXology Originals. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue.

Review 9.0

Hailstone #1 Review

In the town of Hailstone where people are missing, and Sheriff Denton and Deputy Tobias must keep the peace. Check out the mystery in Hailstone #1, a ComiXology Original! 


COMICS PORTAL: Was It Worth the Wait?

I read with interest the article about Barry Windsor-Smith’s Monsters arriving in comics shops this past Wednesday. Over three decades in the making, was it worth the wait? Do comics we’re waiting a long time for live up to our expectations?

Sneak Peek

PREVIEW: Stone Star Season 2 #4

The nomadic space station called Stone Star brings gladiatorial entertainment to ports across the galaxy. Take the jump for this sneak peek of Stone Star Season 2 #4 from comiXology Originals


So You Want to Read Comics: Comic Book Services Edition

This week is going to look a little different.  We’ve suggested comics based on the love of food, the love of sports, the love of France, and so forth and if you’ve read some of the past editions of this feature you may have noticed some helpful little links that will take you to places you can buy those recommendations. That’s what we’re taking a look at this week.  Places you can buy comics and some of the services those places provide. 

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