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Critically acclaimed, creator-centric graphic novel publishing house Oni Press, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of George Rohac to Director of Business Development.

“George has pushed the company since the day he arrived,” said Publisher, Joe Nozemack. “He spearheaded our scheduling initiative that hasn’t missed a ship date in over a year and helped work with every team to help revolutionize how we operated. He was also a key factor in establishing our relationships with Penny Arcade, Inc. and Double Fine Productions, Inc.”

“In mid 2011 he [George] started approaching me with ideas for titles and partners to reach out to. I let him go at it and he came back with creators and companies that we’re overjoyed to be working with.” said Editor-In-Chief, James Lucas Jones.

The promotion includes a relocation to the East coast in order to facilitate further opportunities the company is working on. This will take place in mid-November.

“Working at Oni Press has been a dream come true. The company and it’s staff are dedicated to seeing creators earn from their work, more than anyone else in the industry,” said the newly promoted Oni Press Director of Business Development. “While I will miss Portland, moving back to the East Coast will better assist my duties in developing new ways to make our creators and the company more profitable in the long term.”

Founded in 1997, Oni Press, Inc. is a leading publisher of creator-owned comics and graphic novels. No content to focus on any one genre or format, Oni Press believes that sequential art is for everyone and that there’s a comic out there for every type of reader.

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