I don’t know what to say.  On the one hand, I was never in favor of the Kinect in the first place, because anything that requires me to get off my ass and do anything even remotely close to exercise scares me.  On the other hand… nope… sorry, I can’t think of anything positive say, especially after watching this atrocity that is Star Wars Kinect.



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  1. Because it’s not a Star Wars game unless Slave Leia shows up….. and starts dancing to Gwen Stephani’s “Holla Back Girl” edited to Star Wars terminology…

  2. If I didn’t know otherwise, I would have said this shameless last gasp for geek money had to be a very ludicrous and obvious April fools joke on the public by someone with some masterful programming knowledge, like the Watchmen 80’s cartoon show trailer. It’s incredibly sad it isn’t a joke (well it’s a “joke”, but you know what I’m trying to convey…)

    I’m just sorry I wasn’t at the Lucasfilm staff meeting when someone said they should have a Kinect Star Wars game with Han Solo dancing and getting down with his bad self, because the public loves that…and seeing Lucas grin, giving a thumbs up while his cellphone ring tone makes a “Kaching” sound…

  3. I actually saw the full game at ECC yesterday. It isn’t as bad as this video portrays it. The majority of the game is in fact lightsaber fights and action gameplay. One mode lets you rampage through Mos Eisley as a rancor. Not a great game, but certainly not deserving of the hate this video causes.

    That said, I think the game designers did just sit down and ask what everything the Kinect can do and have a Star Wars game do it.

  4. Okay,I saw this game being flogged on Spike on the weekend and thought,why isn’t it coming out for PS3?Afterall the ads showed a lot of cool features I’d love to try.After seeing this video,I’ll pass.

  5. Actually, now that I’ve had a day to think about it, this is exactly how I imagined Lando spending his time off in Cloud City before the Empire came…He had some nice “Batusi” capework there.

  6. I played a version of the game months ago at a comic con and was underwhelmed by it. It didn’t feel right playing without a sabre hilt or controler type in your hand. I found the actions laggy , when raising a palm for force push or jumping for a jedi leap. I hope the execution has been improved because on paper this was a great idea.

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