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Sneak Peek Havenly Blues #6

[Preview] Heavenly Blues #6

Scout Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Heavenly Blues #6 – the final issue of the digital comics series that lands on comiXology on Wednesday.

Review Scout Comics, John, 1700s, Forever Maps, nonstop, immortality, search, Michael Lagacé, Todor Hristov, unusual, unexpected, unknown 8.7

The Forever Maps #1 Advance Review

Encountering the unknown has long been something of interest, particularly when our own lives are falling apart, and that includes our families.

In The Forever Maps, young John discovers the unusual, and its impact is beyond what he could imagine!

Review Category Zero, Scout Comics, one-percenters, Freya, Sanaxas, Adem Kiamil, Ton Lima, Derek Dow 8.3

Category Zero #4 Review

What would happen if people truly started to exhibit superpowers? Would most persons be afraid of them? Would the government have to step in and learn about them? Would they need to be separated from everyone else in order for peace and security to be maintained?

Podcast Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Michael Gordon, Red Winter, Scout Comics, Francisco Munoz, Eli Winter, NYPD, Nikolai Dubrovsky, Joseph Winter, Kapotnya, Moscow, Russia, Criminal

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #393: Michael Gordon

In Episode 393, Wayne Hall talks with writer Michael Gordon about the new miniseries Red Winter from Scout Comics! We discuss his other series Transdimensional, which has a Kickstarter going on right now that you can support! Both books are terrific comics stories, so be sure to listen to this episode.

Review Scout Comics, Criminal, Red Winter, Michael Gordon, Francisco Munoz, Rolands Kalnins, Eli Winter, NYPD Detective, Kapotnya, Moscow, Nikolai Dubrovsky, Joseph 9.7

Red Winter #1 of 4 Review

As much as I love my superhero comics, I need to explore other universes. One of the places I enjoy going to is crime noir.

Criminal is one of the very best books out there in this genre, but I’ve discovered a comic that will give it a run for its money when it comes to crime drama. That book is Red Winter.

Comics Portal Ahoy Comics Comics Portal

COMICS PORTAL: Ahoy, Comic Fans!

Every once in a while I encounter a comics company I’ve never heaters of, and that makes me curious about them and their books.

Well, at the recent Baltimore Comic-Con I came across the latest of these groups, and that was AHOY Comics.

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