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Free Comic Book DayPress ReleaseZenescope Entertainment

Press Release Zenescope Entertainment and members of their creative team are excited to be making appearances at several local comic book shops this coming Saturday, May 2nd, for Free Comic Book Day. Fans can meet and interact with members of the company’s creative talent, while getting their hands on some of Zenescope’s most popular titles.

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FeaturedGrimm Fairy TalesReviewZenescope Entertainment

A new Grimm Fairy Tales kicks off this week, and it features a cute girl from under the sea. Will this turn into a mess of cheesecake art, or will the story propel us forward? Major Spoilers reviews Grimm Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid #1 from Zenescope Entertainment.

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FeaturedReviewZenescope Entertainment

Ever play Bloody Mary at a sleepover with friends? Me neither. There’s a reason for that – BECAUSE YOU’RE GONNA DIE!

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