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News spilled around the Interwebs on Friday when it was rumored Dan DiDio may have been given his walking paper from the company.  Turns out it was actually DC Comics’ senior vice president of business development John Nee that left the company. In a time when sales are slumping (how could Final Crisis #1 not outsell Secret Invasion #2), fans are upset in the direction the company is going with its heroes (certain Batman and Crisis titles come to mind), and some general fanboy hate towards the company, it’s no wonder people are calling for Dan DiDio’s head. Nikke Finke

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Or, “If Cthulhu calls, take a message…” Okay, I have to admit, I’ve been bad. But I am about to try and make up for it. I’ve heard all the love that the guys here at Major Spoilers have been heaping on BOOM! Studios. I’d heard that they had won the “Best New Publisher” award from Wizard Magazine. I’ve listened to the podcasts and read the reviews. Despite all that, I really did not think that BOOM! had anything for me as a comic reader. Well tonight, while I was getting caught up on listening to the podcasts, I heard

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Journalista is one of the comic sites that I take time to actually read each day, and while the roundup of news is good, I really enjoy it when Dirk gets on his soap box to tackle a subject that is sure to get some rotten fruit thrown at him. The topic today? How women are portrayed in comics, those that hate it, and making comics safe for children. Don’t believe the hype. If the Girl Wonder crowd were really concerned with making superhero comics safe for 13-year-old girls, they’d be arguing over far, far more than statues, Playboy, or

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