When I was a kid, the comics were chockfull of offers sublime and ridiculous, from x-ray glasses to the secrets of Dim Mak to a real Polaris nuclear submarine!*  And in between your own Transformers digital watch, a Real Gold* Cylon from Battlestar Galactica and magic’s hidden secrets, you’d occasionally get some superhero adventures as well.  For my part, I was always sad to have never raised my own Sea Monkeys, and occasionally still feel like I want to, even though I know that they’re just brine shrimp (thanks to Space Ghost), leading to today’s not-available-in-all-areas query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would also love one of the Super Powers series Clark Kent figure, asking: Which exiting mail-away offer of days past do you most wish you could send off for right now?

*Not real at all

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  1. Special action figures or collectibles. There used to be some nifty mail-away exclusives for toylines (such as a G.I. Joe with a customized file card, or an exclusive Star Wars figure not released in the main toyline at that time), or special gaming items (like exclusive Heroclix or Magic: The Gathering variants or promos).

    About the only mail-away items I ever actually got was Stormtrooper Han Solo (from the mid/late 90’s when the Star Wars toyline just relaunched), G.I. Joe dog tags and a Kool-Aid Man pitcher.

  2. I have no regrets, I got my The Phantom club gold membership with Pass and all! (Yes, it was an actual thing which required passing a quiz test form and sending it in mail for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels)

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