The latest craze to sweep the country is the Fidget Spinner. While originally marketed as a toy to relieve stress, and to aid those with ADHD, the gizmos have become the new social craze that everyone has to have.  This brings us to this week’s Major Spoilers Poll of the Week, which may be as confusing as the fidget spinner.


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  1. I voted yes, but only because I don’t know many people buying into the fad. Most of the people I know with them have them for stress or similar reasons. I am kinda glad they started making some gimmicky ones, though as a friend’s daughter with a developmental disability is very particular and she absolutely loves her pink Batman logo spinner (her favorite color and her favorite superhero). She’s had far fewer big panic attacks since getting it as it distracts her quite well.

  2. I voted no. It seems an unnecessary expense. I like pens – you can spin them, twirl them in your fingers, take them apart and put them back together again (If you have the right kind), and doodle with them.

  3. I voted yes, because they exist. You didn’t ask if they were fun, cool, helpful, entertaining, harmful or a waste of time. So Yes, they are a this in our reality.

  4. Jed Starkiller on

    I voted yes. They are here and for certain people they do seem to help. They are a fad that will fade before too long.

  5. Seeboo The Goblin on

    I am an educator and I see their value as a tool. The issue is teaching children to use it as a tool rather than a toy.

    I also personally love mine. The feeling of it spinning in my fingers is soothing and the idle spinning I can do with it is very relaxing.

  6. As a person who walks around with a yo-yo attached to his hip, I have to say yes. Fidget spinners are at worst a mindless diversion, at best a skill toy in the vein of clackers, paddleballs, kendama, cat’s cradle, and any number of other faddish toys from the past. I’m all for them. Especially if they are useful for the neuroatypical.

  7. paradigm5150 on

    I voted no because they seem like a silly fad. On the other hand, when I’m sitting watching tv I’m constantly playing with battery door on the remote, so maybe I could use a fidget spinner.

  8. Heh, my wonderful wife points out that I already fidget all the time and why add yet another thing to fidget with.
    My son has one, he played with it for about 3 days, and now it’s sitting on my desk while I work.

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