In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: The party makes a plan and makes sure they have all their aquatic chickens in a row.

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  1. Aw, I’m glad that Ket still has his watch-twig. Or at least the replacement one that Torq made for him…

    Also the little snail spirit was sooooooooooo cute, omg.

    Hope we find out next week how all this planning works out!

  2. Frederick Pagliarulo on

    I hope the plan goes well!

    Personally, my plan would have been a lot simpler. It would be: 1.) Send in The Fourth Oldest Inspector in a full frontal assault. 2.) When she’s done kicking butt, everyone else go in to pick up the pieces. Check, check, and check! ;)

    • Frederick Pagliarulo on

      At the very least, she could go all Daryl Dixon on those tanks, which means take them out single-handed for those that don’t watch The Walking Dead.

    • Frederick Pagliarulo on

      I assume you mean the bird and not the bull? Considering your track record for getting things right, he just might be. I hope not, though, he seems so nice!

          • Simonsimonforyou on

            Did you come up with the name Sam? I really like it.

            I’m always amazed at how good the names are on the show. They always just feel right and real.

              • I did, so thanks! Rodrigo gave me the naming conventions and background details on the Southern Continent and tasked me with coming up with a lot of the characters Sparkle/Meyaliutl would interact with along with some of her previous adventures. Then he did a staggering amount of world building and sent me notes on it so I could answer the party’s questions and suggest things based on in character knowledge rather than constantly asking Rodrigo about places or things or people that might be relevant. It was a really cool process. Of course I assume he reserves the right to turn any character I came up with into a rakshasi.

  3. Simonsimonforyou on

    For people who think the Void might be playing into this. I just reheard some of the episodes with He Who Scatters the Shy, and he mentions having visited other dimensions.

    I definitely think you can read something, and probably too much, into that. He might just mean planes, but IIRC he mentions both planes and dimensions.

    • Frederick Pagliarulo on

      I had this big theory that the Void were from the Vertex that is now known as The Corpse, which I speculated was blown up when our heroes sent in the Void bomb, but I was wrong. Also, after Storytime, I was hoping that the Void had been created when the Aasimar cast off their names and identities into the “void” between vertices, but that also was debunked. Unrelated, I also had a theory that Sir Brenzin created the Capricorn religion, but that too was debunked when I recently listened to an earlier Season 5 episode. Man, I’m really bad at this.

      Anyway, my point was that I was hoping that the Void, which kicked off this whole campaign with their schemes, were going to be involved in the plot again.

      • Simonsimonforyou on

        Well, we know that they are the gods of the moon, so I think anything that’d change them from that could run the risk of feeling more like a retcon than a story development.

        • Frederick Pagliarulo on

          That’s true, but they are so weird and otherworldy, even Lovecraftian, that I started to think that although they were tied to the moon, they came from the Far Realm (via the Cyst), which I started to think of as the space between vertices. These ideas are clearly a symptom of listening to past episodes of Critical Hit so many times that I’m starting to see connections even where there may not be any. lol

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