Major Spoilerite, Nate Olson went to Palm Con this past weekend, where he took a bunch of photos to share with the rest of the Spoilerites around the world.

PalmCon 2015 (, hosted by Cosmic Times publisher Martin Pierro (, celebrated its 5th year on September 26th and 27th 2015. I am also proud to say this was my 5th year attending this outstanding local convention and once again had a fantastic time! The convention was held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center (WPB, Florida) for the 3rd straight year, and this convention is by far is one of the best family friendly events of the year.

The greatest part of this convention is the showcasing of independent and local comic book creators and artists. It was great to pick up some new issues, some variant covers, and art from them. Chatting with Mike Wagganer (Writer/Artist) of “Deep Space Tragedy” by Cosmic Times and Bohdan Neswiacheny, Jeremy Katanic, Rob Torres, and Gaby Garcia of “Blackbird” by Resistance Entertainment was a lot of fun. Artist Josh Bauer, who does some nice paintings of comics and pop culture icons, was there as well.

But, wait there was more!

Legendary comic book artist, Jose Delbo; co-creator and illustrator of the “Baldo” comic strip, Carlos Castellanos; Cracked Magazine and Star Trek Artist, Dick Kulpa; Wolverine and Infinity Gauntlet artist, Joe Rubinstein; and Star Wars: The Clone Wars actress, Catherine Taber. Meeting and talking with Sound Editor/Actor, Matthew Wood was amazing. He is the Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer at Skywalker Sound, and is the voice of General Grievous (and many others) in the Star Wars universe. Matthew is currently also hard at work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Finally to round out the event, PalmCon2015 has some great panels and indie film screenings; there was also all day board game play by FlaMinGoCon ( and all day video games from Florida Super Conventions ( There were some great groups and organizations that were also a large part of PalmCon 2015; 1701st Fleet (, The 501st (, and Mandalorian Mercs. The Batmobile Children’s Charity Project ( brought the ’89 Batmobile and The CT5 Ghostbusters ( brought the Ecto 1M. Of course, no Con would be complete without cosplay, which was FANTASTIC!

There needs to be a special shout out to Morbid Movies ( for putting together the event that kicked the whole weekend off; a rare screening of the original uncut 1954 Japanese Godzilla (Gojira) on Friday night, and yes it was AWESOME!

By all accounts it was a fun and successful PalmCon 2015. This was a great event for the whole family to enjoy!

501st---1 501st---Bad-Joke 501st---Laughing 1701st---1 1701st---2 1701st---3 AResistance-Entertainment Batmobile---1 Batmobile---2 Carlos-Castellanos---1 Carlos-Castellanos---2 CT5-Ghostbusters---1 CT5-Ghostbusters---2 CT5-Ghostbusters---3          Gaming---1 Gaming---2 Gaming---3 Gaming---4 Gaming---5 Gaming---6 Gaming---7 Jose-Delbo---1 Jose-Delbo---2 Josh-Bauer Matthew-Wood---1 Matthew-Wood---2 Matthew-Wood---3 Mike-Wagganer Morbid-Movies---1 Morbid-Movies---2 Morbid-Movies---3 PalmCon---1 PalmCon---2 PalmCon---3 PalmCon---4 PalmCon---5 PalmCon---6 PalmCon---7 PalmCon---8 PalmCon-Cosplay-(1) PalmCon-Cosplay-(2) PalmCon-Cosplay-(3) PalmCon-Cosplay-(4) PalmCon-Cosplay-(5) PalmCon-Cosplay-(6) PalmCon-Cosplay-(7) PalmCon-Cosplay-(8) PalmCon-Cosplay-(9) PalmCon-Cosplay-(10) PalmCon-Cosplay-(11) PalmCon-Cosplay-(12) PalmCon-Cosplay-(13) PalmCon-Cosplay-(14) PalmCon-Cosplay-(15) PalmCon-Cosplay-(16) PalmCon-Cosplay-(17) PalmCon-Cosplay-(18) PalmCon-Cosplay-(19) PalmCon-Cosplay-(20) PalmCon-Cosplay-(21) PalmCon-Cosplay-(22) PalmCon-Cosplay-(23) PalmCon-Cosplay-(24) PalmCon-Cosplay-(25) PalmCon-Cosplay-(26) PalmCon-Cosplay-(27) PalmCon-Cosplay-(28) PalmCon-Cosplay-(29) PalmCon-Cosplay-(30) PalmCon-Cosplay-(31) PalmCon-Cosplay-(32) PalmCon-Cosplay-(33) PalmCon-Cosplay-(34) PalmCon-Cosplay-(35) PalmCon-Cosplay-(36) PalmCon-Cosplay-(37) PalmCon-Cosplay-(38) PalmCon-Cosplay-(39) PalmCon-Cosplay-(40) PalmCon-Cosplay-(41) PalmCon-Cosplay-(42) PalmCon-Cosplay-(43) PalmCon-Cosplay-(44) PalmCon-Cosplay-(45) PalmCon-Cosplay-(46) PalmCon-Cosplay-(47) PalmCon-Cosplay-(48) PalmCon-Cosplay-(49) PalmCon-Cosplay-(50) PalmCon-Cosplay-(51) PalmCon-Cosplay-(52) PalmCon-Cosplay-(53)


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