In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers: Meet the heroes of Modern City!

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  1. Well I haven’t made a FATE character before, but these episodes have already inspired me to do so. I especially loved Stephen’s creation. It’s very credible as a superhero backstory, a bit like Syndrome from The Incredibles, except not a super villain. All in all, another fantastic episode. Honestly, that can’t be said enough. The only problem is, it’s now seven days until the next one.

  2. Plasmacaster on

    So to draw analogues, we’re seeing Rob playing a Luke Cage character, Matthew playing Ghost Rider, Rodrigo playing Venom and Stephen playing Blue Beetle.

    Honestly I have LOVED the introduction to Modern City and the character origins. I’d love to hear more of this though I’m hoping it’s not VIP only, money is sadly tight.

    Looking forward to hearing more and ive already proposed to my DnD group we try out Fate once we’ve finished the current story arc and everyone hits Paragon

  3. Malone_hasco on

    I got a feel we got something exceptional here. Everyone feels so inspired and superhero setting was definitely the way to go since many of you have so profound knowledge of the genre and with that, huge pool to draw ideas from.

    Im really looking forward to what happens.

  4. Andre Dickerson on

    I know these things are made so long before hand but i pray that The Rummbler has a network of insects to use for like tiny spy drones you can call it the Hive Mind or something like that.

  5. OMG this is the best thing ever!!!
    Just the intro along made the show, you could have stopped right after that and I would have been satified.
    Please keep up the great job.
    PS it sounded like Gregg Taylor was doing the intro.

  6. Simon Gosselin on

    Great show and it showcase really well Fate’s mechanic. As far as favorite Fate character, I only have played 2 Fate characters and only have maybe 5-6 sessions under my belt, but I have a special place in my heart for Remnok, which was a “willing patient” of a mental institution because he was thinking he was a Norse God. Poor Remnok died after 1 session while he was trying to shoot lightening while beeing… physically… connected to the electrical grid! Setting was really Arkham-like. Memories!

  7. I know the timing wont sync up but there are my ideas for Rob’s character name.

    Iron Twilight
    The Night Brute

  8. I haven’t played Fate yet, but have been wanting to…and wanting to pull my gaming group in as well. I love hearing this as an example for coming up with aspects, and I look forward to hearing how this all plays out. Really interesting characters too.

  9. Just when I thought the Critical Hit team was getting stale, old hat, and uninspired, they whip out Mega-Tons of Modern SuperHero Creativity. GJ team Critical Hit! I <3 you all over again!

  10. Dereck Clark on

    Loving the characters you have all been developing for Modern City!

    Can’t wait to hear what happens next.

  11. oldschoolgamr on

    Yes… Putting Brian at the helm with the fate system is exactly what Critical Hit needed after than rough patch treading through the canned 5e “adventure”. Everyone has a unique character and the Fate system is going to allow those characters the freedom to act in amazing story telling ways. If I wasn’t a VIP already I would sign up NOW – we have a long way to go to get to 3000, so everyone needs to spread the word quickly! Do in support of the Hasenpfeffer family legacy!

  12. Simon Chambers on

    It’s been great to hear you guys playing Fate. I love the system, although I have more experience GMing it than playing it. My favourite character came from Spirit of the Century, and was my first Fate character. Dick Spencer is a British dilettante/playboy with more money and charm than knowledge or physical skills. His parents paid for the finest education that he mostly ignored, but he did learn all about the finest liquors, and was willing to do anything to save a fine crate of French wine that proto-Nazis were trying to destroy. My favourite moment with him was when he removed his tear-away tuxedo to reveal (with the spending of a Fate point) a full German army uniform underneath so he could bluff being a German officer and turn half the proto-Nazi bad guys into his own minions…

    Keep up the great work, and I’m so glad you guys are loving Fate! I’ll be interested to see how Accelerated works for you. The group I played it with preferred Fate: Core because Accelerated was just a little *too* free form for them…

  13. Friend Computer on

    This mini-series is a great example of the collaborative storytelling Fate offers! I’ve only played Fate in the context of the Dresden Files RPG but had a blast playing my character – Jarek Belmont (yes, of the Castlevania Belmonts). I pitched it as a joke but my group thought the concept was too good to pass up.

  14. How much fun you guys are having and how well you are working together on the story is a testament to what having a good gaming group can do :D

    And I know it was most likely decided weeks ago in recording but I would have called Robs character Trauma, go with being a pugalist and speaks to his origins in the Trauma he suffered when his brother was hurt :D

  15. Loving this new Modern City series! Definitely going to check out Fate system, as well as go VIP, when I can.
    Also-as already mentioned once in this comment thread-sure it’s far too late for a character name suggestion for Rob, however, I kept saying as I listened to this episode “The Rumbler…the Rumbler!”, so had to share.

  16. Abigail Ward on

    I really, really want you to fight a villain called Southern Drawl! I assume he would slow down time and comes from the swamps.
    Just a couple of episodes in and I’m enjoying this enough to craft fan fiction. XD

  17. Loving the setting you’ve created. I think one of my favorite things about Fate is the collaborative nature of the world building. I do have a favorite character from a Dresden Files game, which is very similar to Fate Core. Ilario Baldasarre, a mild mannered chef with a jerk of a sorcerer stuck in his head. It ended up requiring me to create two separate characters who shared the same trouble “One body, two minds.” The sorcerer wasn’t evil or anything, but he was super bitter about his mentor trying to sacrifice him to a demon for more power, and then several centuries later getting stuck in this nobodies head. Plus his magical knowledge was starting to bleed over and the chef was starting to learn rudimentary magic. The one in charge of the body always seemed to change at the wrong moment and it made life super interesting for everybody in the game. Plus, Italian flavored magical potions, what’s not to like about that?

  18. Rob, story wise, seems somewhat underpowered compared to the other characters, like a Brave New Wotld character dropped into HERO. Will be curious what additional story advancing properties he will acquire. Less tech Batman – super investigator? Photographic memory/human encyclopedia due to invulnerable synapses never breaking down?

    Maybe Zach can be a guest character with animal transformation powers. “I leap towards the archfoe in the middle of his monologue crying ‘Form of: tongue eating louse!'”

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