Wolverine is a circus freak in this Origin II #3 sneak peek


Marvel released a sneak peek of Origin II #3 by Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert, but puts Wolverine in the center ring.

ORIGIN II #3 (DEC130746)
Art and Cover by ADAM KUBERT
Witness the very first meeting of the mysterious mutant and the man who would become one of his greatest enemies – the malevolent Mr. Sinister! Broken and savage, the clawed mutant has been pulled back into the world of civilization – by force! Brutally beaten and held captive, the ferocious first “X-Man” is forcibly experimented on by Nathaniel Essex and his Marauders. And the only man who can save him is…Creed?!

But amid the horrors visited upon him, James Howlett may find the one thing he thought lost forever – his humanity. At some point the Wolverine must choose: is he man or beast? What shocking revelations lie in the untold story of Wolverine’s past?

Origin_II_3_Cover Origin_II_3_Preview_1 Origin_II_3_Preview_2 Origin_II_3_Preview_3

Origin II #3 arrives February 26, 2014.

via Marvel