Jay and Silent Bob Mooby bank ready to accept your monetary offerings


Clerks celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year. The universe grew with Dagma, and the introduction of the hamburger chain, Mooby’s, and the company mascot Mooby the Golden Calf. Diamond Select Toys has a new Mooby bank on the way in February, that adds some amusement to your shelf.

Jay & Silent Bob Mooby Vinyl Bank
Who’s a friend to the king of all the monkeys? Who’s a pal to the duck who won’t fly south? It’s Mooby the Golden Calf! This fast-food mascot turned children’s entertainment fixture is now a 10-inch vinyl bank! With a slot on his back and an access door underneath, Mooby will keep your spare change safe inside his profit center!


If you want to pick up the Mooby vinyl bank, make sure to tell your local comic book store. The Jay & Silent Bob Mooby Vinyl Bank has a suggested retail price of $22.99.

via Diamond Select Toys