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  1. The quality of the art and animation has stayed consistently high from book 1 to 2. The voice acting was always great but seemed exceptional in the beginning of this arc with them really getting some impressive talents (Apparently Dexter and Korra have the same “dad” now). I really enjoyed the fact that we seem to have several story lines developing for the extended cast rather than just focusing on the Avatar, herself. It might be to early to guess the theme of this arc but it seems from what was indicated in the first 2 episodes that we will be continuing to see the Avatar try to find middle ground between extreme mindsets. In this arc against the ideals of fundamentalist religion as a far right wing counter to the previous arc where she was confronted with the far left ideal of combating class systems and the privileged nature of Benders vs normal humans…a sort of extremest violent version of the “occupy” movement. I find both of these arcs to be very interesting and seem to both lend themselves well to the idea that the Avatar’s purpose is to balance out all of those forces.

  2. Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with the opener. There are good points to it which include: the voice acting is well done on all sides, the animation continues to be easily the best around, and some potential storylines seem interesting. The later includes that I’m WAY more interested in what happens with Tenzin and his family, especially with his two siblings being thrown in the mix; I’m hoping them not being airbenders continues to be a plot point in some way, with a satisfactory conclusion. Also the history aspect that seems to be set up through both storylines grabs my attention.

    On the bad side: Korra REALLY comes off as a brat to me in these episodes, no we shouldn’t blindly follow our elders, but there’s a better way of handling the splitting of the party than she did. ‘I’m sick of you Tenzin, even though I barely have any control of airbending, I leave now. Bye.’ She just came off as really unlikeable. Her cousins at first glance do not seem to have much storyline potential. Mako, I do not care about, unless they really fix him up some more. Bolin needs to stop being JUST the comic relief, and given some more pathos. Asami, why was she her? Nothing against the character, all of her bits seemed tacked on. Finally, Unalaq is one of the most twirl-my-moustache villains I’ve seen in awhile, which is a real shame, because this franchise has had some great antagonists; to the point where I wondered if this was a joke.

    This isn’t a pro or con, but Korra’s dad, when he was doing the bending, was making glaciers, and ice ramps, and all-in-all much more elaborate techniques then Korra has ever shown. Hopefully this gets rectified, because her fire-punch, water-punch stuff gets really old for fight sequences.

    I’ll still keep watching, and hopefully enjoying the rest of the season, these two episodes were just a bit of a stumble.

  3. Well, we definitely enjoyed it, and are looking forward to more episodes. So it was successful in getting our attention. We were unconvinced whether Bumi was annoying or not, but I like that they are exploring Tenzin’s family a bit more.

    It makes sense that the Northern water tribe is so much more advanced than the South, because of how decimated the South was during the war. You don’t just bounce back from that. The North only really suffered one major attack as far as we know. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I really hope that Unalaq being the big bad is a red herring. A bit too obvious.

    I understand people thinking Korra is a bit headstrong and illogical, my wife said verbatim, “Yep, she seems like a teenage girl.” So there’s always that to keep in mind.

  4. Alexander Rudiger on

    While Unalaq keeps getting ‘bad guy’ music played when on scene I don’t think he is going to be an outright villain. More like the council member from the last season where he is using the avatar to accomplish things but is still trying to do the right thing, perhaps in the wrong way, but still has good intentions…. I suppose that sounds like the definition of a good villain. Well we’ll see.

  5. It was nice that we got 1 hour of the show, but not to much there but a lot of foreshadowing. The fight at the South Pole was a little weak but you have to start somewhere right.

    But I am excited about the session as a whole “Spirits” part of the Avatar that we have seen but do not know a lot about. Should Be EPIC!!!

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