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In preparing the library edition of fantasy cartoonist Gray Morrow’s long-lost adult masterpiece Orion, from the pages of Heavy Metal magazine, Hermes Press has decided to include Morrow’s other distinctive creator-owned book: Edge of Chaos, originally published in 1983 by Pacific Comics.

Both Orion and Edge are the two most distinctively Gray Morrow comics, and are full of swashbuckling, sexiness, and sorcery. Whereas Orion was purely sword and sorcery, Edge of Chaos has a unique spin on the Greek myths, as it follows modern day adventurer Eric Cleese (no relation to the Monty Python comedian) and the dangers he faces in an odd (yet also oddly familiar) past world. The two books are also representative of different inking styles by Morrow, as Edge of Chaos features a thinner pen line than the more brush-inked Orion.

Gray Morrow’s Orion is due out this Spring, with the title story mostly shot off of Morrow’s original, hand-colored art. The book also has a historical essay by historian Christopher Irving, and is done in conjunction with Gray Morrow’s wife Pocho Morrow.

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