VARIANT COVER: Spider-Man will save your comic shop


With Spider-Island ready to kick into high gear with Amazing Spider-Man #666, Marvel is hoping to get comic shop owners in on the event by creating variant covers specifically for their retail shop.

Marvel is proud to unveil the highly anticipated comic shop variant covers to Amazing Spider-Man #666, the kick-off to Spider-Island! That’s right True Believers, we’re putting YOUR comic shops on the cover to the biggest Spidey event of the decade! In the Amazing Spider-Man #666 Comic Shop Bugle Variant by Ryan Stegman, an actual photograph of your comic shop will be front page news of the Daily Bugle! Then, in the Amazing Spider-Man #666 Comic Shop Battle Variant by Humberto Ramos, Spider-Man leaps into action defending your favorite comic shop from the villainous lizard, complete with store name and logo prominently featured!

Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Island Prelude kicks off in Amazing Spider-Man #66 that arrives in shops on July 27, 2011.  The issue will feature a $3.99 cover.


via Marvel