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In January, the adventures of Green Hornet and Kato continue with new exciting issues, headlined by the continuing adventures of Green Hornet with Green Hornet #12 and Green Hornet: Year One #10.

Green Hornet #12 is written by Phil Hester and has art by Jonathan Lau, with covers by Alex Ross, Phil Hester, and Jonathan Lau!  Green Hornet and Kato’s battle with the deadly Santa Muerte gang takes a turn for the bizarre when the Saint of Death itself takes a hand. When Britt is captured by police, a detective discovers the truth about Green Hornet’s cover as a crime lord, leaving Mulan alone to face the maniacal cult. Plus, the original Kato and Clutch are caught in the coils of the remnants of the Juuma clan in Japan.

The Green Hornet Year One #10 is written by Matt Wagner and drawn by Aaron Campbell, with covers by Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla!  This second half of the original Green Hornet’s origin tale continues with a look at how Britt Reid and Kato further develop their crusade against crime, setting up the Hornet’s secret hideout and cobbling together the special tools and weapons they will need.  In the “present day” of 1938, in an effort to break the brutal grip of mob-boss, Skid Caruso, on 1930s Chicago, our crime-fighting duo stage their own campaign of intimidation, leading all the way up to the Mayor’s office!  Unbeknownst to them, Caruso has called in out-of-town muscle to break the Hornet’s forays into his criminal territory–the deadly enforcer nick-named “THE SCOURGE”!

Kevin Smith’s Kato #10 is written by Ande Parks and drawn by Diego Bernard, with covers by Ale Garza and Carlos Rafael!  Leading up to Kato’s appearance in Kevin Smith’s smash Green Hornet series, the all-new Kato finds herself tested as she never has been. To get information she needs to bring down ninja crime lord Takeshi’s empire, Mulan must extract information from her prisoner. How far is Mulan/Kato willing to go? On the other side of the coin, Mulan’s new enemy Ming extracts her revenge and swears that Kato is next.

Kato Origins #9: The Hellfire Club is written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Colton Worley, with covers by Colton Worley and Francesco Francavilla!  Everyone is a suspect when a prominent businessman is murdered in a private house.  Kato, in disguise as a Siamese prince, tries to uncover the culprit.  But what happens when suspects are hiding secrets worse than murder?  Also, things get hairy when Kato discovers that ladies like royalty!

Green Hornet: Blood Ties #4 (of 4) is written by Ande Parks and has art and cover by Johnny Desjardins!  The action-packed final issue of this prequel to Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet series!!!  As Britt Reid tries to hold his family life together, he and Kato also battle to finally end the reign of the crime families over Century City. Kato goes undercover in the Juuma Yakuza clan as Green Hornet prepares to take down the Fannelli family. Crime lords Don Fannelli and Oni Juuma will do whatever it takes to preserve their empires, and their legacies.

The Green Hornet Strikes! #6 is written by Brett Matthews and drawn by Ariel Padilla, with a cover by Erica Awano!  Luke goes further down the rabbit hole as his search for John Reid’s son — the rightful heir to The Green Hornet legacy — concludes. But will finding what he set out to make Luke wish he hadn’t?

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