Marvel Comics sent Major Spoilers the Rob Liefeld variant covers to the Onslaught Unleashed series, that arrives in stores in February 2011.

Variant Covers by ROB LIEFELD

Featuring the return of one of Marvel’s most powerful villains and an epic team-up between the Secret Avengers and the Young Allies, Onslaught Unleashed will shock fans when it hits store shelves in February!

Onslaught Unleashed #1 has  a $3.99 cover price.

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  1. Will some freaking body PLEASE decide what the hell Hank McCoy looks like now? I know artist like their (vain!)”signature” on characters but it’s like there’s six different guys running around calling themselves “Beast”. Damnit if you can’t give us some continuity then how about some CONSISTENCY!!!

    Please send “Nomad” back to the time-line from whence she came. The character is totally uninteresting and does nada except another gender/race update on another character (Cut and past any “Nick Fury” rant of mine here).

    (Sorry…shouldn’t have switched from decaf today…)

  2. Why do they keep giving this guy work? He’s the only artist I have ever run across who doesn’t care about improving his style in over 20 years. Even when confronted by Jim Lee about fixing the notorious Captain America with breasts cover he said, “Nah, its good!”

    Marvel! Keep him away from my comics!

    • He’s improved a bit, I see feet in both pictures, granted the pose and the feet look about 98% the exact same from one to another, except that the second picture looks like the took the foot from the right side and put it on the left side but flipped to point the other way. Still, it’s feet. There is still some feathered hair going on, but not too many pouches so that’s an improvement.

  3. I know its a running gag around most of the comic world to give Liefeld shit on his art, but he really has improved over the years.

    • Not just being contrary, but a lot of the art I’ve seen of his as of late hasn’t really gotten any better. There have been some slight improvements that I’ve noticed, and I’ll admit that I haven’t seen as many majorly horrible poses or jacked up perspectives so that is an improvement. He still draws a lot of the same things that made me start hating his work, tiny pointy noses, pinched faces, feathered hair on everybody, jacked up body proportions and ways of standing that would legitimately cause a broken back, stuff like that. I’ll be fine with him still getting work as long as it’s on variant covers (which I don’t buy anyway) and/or keeping him working on stuff like Youngbloods, cause I’ve never had the urge to see what Badrock or Shatterstar have been up to after all this time. YABBA DABBA DOOM!!!

  4. I have to say that these covers don’t look so bad at all. They’re pretty decent actually. (Not great but decent.) And for those of you complaining about the story and Leifeld, you do realize that the only thing he’s doing on this is the varient covers right? The story is being done by Sean McKeever. The only real gripe I have with the Leifeld is how he seems to have a wall with no corners yet feature cracks at different angles. Shouldn’t there be a line right about where the middle of the page is to show the corner of the wall?

    • Maybe they’re in a dome of some sort, there’d be no corners. Also, another trait of Liefeld’s big characters, I don’t know who the guy with the horn hat is in the top picture but she’s standing on his chest and it looks like his body is just done after the stomach, and his one pectoral muscle is bigger than half of her body. Maybe that’s how the character is supposed to look, I don’t know. I don’t mind Sean McKeever, he’s gonna be a Mid-Ohio Con this weekend along with Ethan Van Sciver which for some unknown reason I constantly get confused.

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