Robert Kirkman must be feeling like he’s on top of the world, with The Walking Dead headed to AMC this fall. Today, during the San Diego Comic Con, Kirkman and others talked about the upcoming series.

During the panel director, writer, and producer Frank Darabont did say they were trying to follow the source material as closely as possible, but did note that there were times the story will veer away.

“I’ve always said that the template, the path and the breadcrumbs left by Mr. Kirkman is a good one. It’s a very, very strong template,” said Darabont. “But I’ve also said that we should take every single interesting detour we feel like taking, as long as we’re still following what Robert has done, but I don’t see why we shouldn’t bring every other good idea to the table and expand the path and veer off the path as long as we get back onto it – which led to some really cool ideas that are going to surprise the fans of the comic. But the stuff they do know will be there too. If they have patience we’ll eventually catch up to what Robert is doing, which is an exciting thing. But we’re not locked slavishly into something familiar to the fanbase. They’ll get that, but they’ll get new stuff, too.”

According to sources, the footage shown during the panel featured a sequence that was fairly close to the source material, but Producer Gale anne Hurd said they had to scale back on the violence in the preview because it was deemed too much for Comic-Con audience – more than likely because there could be some youngsters in the crowd. Hurd to promise cable viewers will see zombie brains go splat.

Most of the cast were also at the event, and had nothing but good things to say about the show, the comic, and the project. Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus were announced as new cast members.

The Walking Dead premieres in October during AMC’s annual Fearfest, and with over 250 million households that have AMC as part of their cable line up, I have a feeling many will be hunting down the source material before November arrives.


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  1. Well your mileage my vary but i for one am looking forward to this with bells on because I really enjoyed what I’ve read of the series.

  2. What are you talking abiut kris? Walking dead is one of the best ongoing comics series out there!granted I’ve only read until the end of the “noone is safe” arc but I thought it was very good and quite different from a lot of the things you get these days.

    can’t wait for this series to get started!

    • Basically, I feel the comic is way too melodramatic, the dialogue is terrible, and characters seem to do some really ridiculous things, not because it’s what they’d do, but because Kirkman needs something “shocking” to happen. I can’t really say any more without spoiling.

  3. I watched the comic con trailer on youtube before (check it out if you havent) and it was beyond awesome. A few little moments in the trailer make you beg for more. I believe this will be as entertaining as television can get. I’m really, really looking forward to it

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