ME WANT: 1936 modded motorcycle looks like steampunk Tron Lightcycle


In addition to my love of comics and pop culture, I’m also a big fan of classic cars and motorcycles.  This image may look like someone took a motorbike and modded it to look like a Tron Lightcycle from the Victorian era, but in reality this bike came before Tron was a glimmer in anyone’s eye.

According to some info I found online, the bike was originally built by O. Ray Courtney in 1936 and is based on a 1930 K.J Henderson. The bike is powered by inline four cylinder (not a scooter as some have said, check the shot of the motor below) and as I’m sure you can gather by now, is a one-off custom. What I can confirm is it does run and while it looked a bit unwieldy, Frank could be seen riding the bike around the Fairgrounds all weekend.

There’s a guy in New York who could make a killing showing up at comic book conventions dressed in a steampunk Tron outfit, and riding this beauty.  Simply breathtaking.

via Knuckle Buster