Last week’s 27% tumble was somewhat expected for ABC’s new “V” mini-series, but the execs have to be cringing a bit this morning when the numbers came in that show the invading space alien remake took another hit, dropping an additional 18% from the previous week.  This equates to an audience size of 9.3 million, which isn’t bad as it earned the show a fifth place ranking for the night.

For those wanting a comparison, “The Biggest Loser” was able to attract 9.4 million viewers for second place, while NCIS brought in 20 million viewers to take the top spot.  Even with Laura Vandervoort, with these tumbling numbers, will the series make it past those shows already in the can?

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  1. I enjoy this show with my wife, but it is missing a little something that I can’t quite put my finger on, perhaps often dropping mysteries with slow reveals. Perhaps a little help in the writting department would help.

  2. personnally, i hate almost all the characters. don’t know if it’s the characterisation or the actors themselves.

    except linda.

  3. So, is Ms. Vandervoot an alien?

    If so, they must’ve been researching us for a while to know that they needed to put her in a uniform that only zips up far enough to leave her cleavage strategically revealed so that we’d be more likely to trust her.

    “I’m not a canary-eating lizard alien carefully disguising myself as a human. No, really. Just look at my cleavage.”

  4. Oh course she is, or rather an alien is wearing her skin. In the original V they lead humans in tours on thier ships and when they got off they remarked about how much they loved the Vistors. They actually were skinned, thier meat and organs stored in a food containment area and thier skins were worn by the visitors.

  5. At this point, the show is appearing on my DVR because of inertia–too much effort to reprogram the DVR and there is only one more episode left.

    The show is definitely missing something…probably needs 100% more Michael Ironsides.

    Unless the next batch of four episodes haven’t been filmed, I can’t imagine that ABC wouldn’t air them. ABC burned off the final episodes of Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone.

  6. Just to many reaveals with not enough action being taken on any of them. I like the series, but I also watch like 4 television shows in a week.

    Is it to much a thinking thing? Should they have Anna tweeting her intentions?

    InPeaceAnna says:
    Taking over world today to harvest human organs and make a hybrid alien baby. Anyone feel like gerbils for lunch?

    @5thColumn – You guys suck.

  7. As the show hasn’t aired over here, I’ve heard from a friend that he is enjoying the series and likes the sleeper agent spin /paranoia they’ve put on the visitors. This friend has fond memories of the original mini-series and didn’t have high hopes for the remake/reboot/refresh (whatever) and was pleasantly surprised how much he enjoyed the 2009 series. In a world where Heroes and Smallville is still on TV (and they canceled Firefly after s series), this friend also stated for the record that he’d be disappointed if V were to disappear from our tv screen.

    He does miss the hairsprayed bouffant hairstyles of the original series though.

  8. I just have a feeling that because of the lack of ratings ABC will just drop the show after the 2009 episodes are done with. I do agree that the pacing isn’t what was expected from the first episode. Though I doubt the show will follow everything from the original series. Just maybe it’s not the type of sci-fi show people may be interested in right now.

  9. I admit I could care less for most of the characters, I think the show can be salvaged though. I think however they are getting ready to throw down a reverse star child story like in the original, only that one had a human girl and a male lizzie, this one has the fed ladies teen son and female lizzie and they mention he is ready for something big, I think its a mating experiment.

  10. You know, I went on OnDemand the other night when I had some time to kill so that I could watch this show and see what I thought of it (since I haven’t actually seen a single episode of it) and it isn’t there. Bad call, ABC.

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