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  1. I definitely enjoyed that. Thanks for posting it!

    The whole way through my only problem was Jessica’s accent.

    I felt the voice for Emma Frost had been off in the Astonishing X-Men motion comic. Emma is from Boston but I thought she sounded British.

    So I was really put off that Jessica had a British accent as well. … Then I looked her up and realized Jessica is from (ahem)… London.

    For someone who dearly loves the Avengers and holds Jessica Drew as one of his favorite characters, not knowing her nationality makes me hang my head in shame. … Where is the “hanging head in shame” emoticon, cause I really need it.

    This does perhaps illustrate the point about characters not exhibiting national and ethnic diversity from the forum:


    (shameless forum plug #2 for the day)

    I have never seen anything about Jessica that reminded me she was from Britain or even Europe. Maybe that would be nice. Drink some tea. Yell “Bollocks!” Something.

    On the topic of voice acting though, my only other complaint is that in both this and the AXM web comic, a lot of the dialogue seemed stilted. It didn’t have the intonation and pace that normal speech does but was more like a dramatic reading.

    Personally, I would prefer that the speech be more like a normal speaking voice.

    It would immerse us better into the story because the characters would seem more fluid, which could only help in this medium. It would also pick up the pace just slightly, which would allow for more imagery.

    But this was a fun watch. I hope you are able to keep posting these.

    • As a British guy who swears in British ways (it’s all wanker, tosser and bollocks for me guv’nor) I’d be more annoyed at seeing British and European characters handicapped by cliched actions. That said I didn’t know she was British either but presumed so as she was living in London and had a British accent but I suppose mentioning it now and then wouldn’t have been terrible just so long as it made sense and wasn’t about drinking tea or something.

      Also the Routemaster hasn’t been decommissioned in the Marvel Universe? Good to know.

      • Heh I was being facetious about the mannerisms. I don’t want to see all the Australian characters throwing shrimp on the barbie or Banshee getting into a drunken fight every night at the pub.

        But the good thing about having characters from different regions (even regions within the same country, at times) is that it creates an opportunity to both distinguish the character and to convey some of the region’s culture through that character.

        Sadly, before this motion comic, I thought Jessica was from NYC.

  2. I enjoyed this also. I wonder if Motion Comics are as cost effective as making an actual comic. If so I would love to see more motion comics!

  3. She never had a British accent in my head as I remember watching the old ’79 Spider-Woman cartoon. She had a *very* American style voice in it. So that’s what I’ve attached to her ever since.

  4. I thought this was good, but I felt like it was missing something. Maybe it was the art, being hard to see on my monitor. Maybe it was the fact that it was only 10 minutes long. Maybe it was the feeling that I was watching crappy animation.

    I don’t know if I really want to pay for these. I know they cost money to produce, but if I am going to buy the regular comic, why would I want to purchase the motion comic too.

    Maybe these will grow on me.

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