Muppet Robin Hood sells out, back to press


Boom! Studios has announced the first issue of Muppet Robin Hood sold out over the past week.  This is the sixth Boom! Kids title that has sold through Diamond Comics Distributors.  Boom! announced it is sending the title back to press and the reprint should be in stores mid-July.

MUPPET ROBIN HOOD #1 follows the Muppet tradition of adapting a classic adventure in only the way that the Muppets can. Written by Tim Beedle and drawn by Armand Villavert Jr., the first printing of issue #1 of the much lauded miniseries shipped with two covers, with cover A by MOUSE GUARD’s David Petersen and cover B by Shelli Paroline.

The second printing features a new cover by Christopher Schons.

via Boom! Studios