The $3.99 issue should conclude everything, and set us up for the Dark Noir series coming next.

Who’s excited?


As the fate of the Marvel Universe will soon be sealed, who will live and who will die? Who will come out triumphant and what new alliances will be formed?  With Dark Reign on the horizon, stop asking “Who do you trust?” and make sure you pick up Secret Invasion #8 (of 8)!


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  1. i’m just glad its going to be over

    it’s been fun but the lead up (all the way back to Bendis’ Secret War and through the Avengers and “I word” and every damned thing else) was better then the story.

    now whats going to happen? what happened to Pym and Spider Woman and DumDum and everyone else? Oh, I have to buy 30 more comic books tieing up a series that took 100 issues to build up to?

    Damn it. Sometimes I hate this hobby :)

  2. dont know what Dark Noir is. thought it was Dark Reign. maybe its the Marvel Noir crossover with Dark Reign, or Stephen made another typo. ur making this too easy.

  3. “Who’s excited?”

    Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

    I can’t even believe I’m this excited! I didn’t even realize it until I read the question…

  4. Nice ending, had a quick read through it last night, here are the main story points for people who cannot wait, but keep in mind that I only read it quickly …

    – Thor teleports Wasp (who is now a bio-weapon because of the serum) away and she dies

    – As the heroes are about to go crazy on the Skrull Queen, Osborn takes the killshot (becoming the hero to the public’s eyes)

    – Thor tells Tony to funk off and Bucky Captain America seems to ignore him too

    – All the substituted heroes are freed from a ship (even Mockingbird)

    – Few pages of people talking but it seems to me that Tony Stark is still related to SHIELD (though Osborn blames it all on him)

    – Ends with Osborn in the Avengers tower heading into a meeting room with his Cabal (the Hood, Emma Frost and a couple of others, possibly Namor)

    The Requiem one-shot is apparently a new 8 page story about Wasp and about 40 pages of reprints, which I found really disappointing.

    Dark Avengers’ line-up includes Ares, Hawkeye, Black Suit Spider-Man (though he seems to be in New Avengers with his red’n’blues), Wolverine (in New Avengers too), Marvel Boy and Iron Patriot (red and gold Iron Man is in Mighty Avengers) … which makes the New Avengers #50 cover a lot of fun, it is both teams facing each other with each side having a Spider-Man and a Wolverine, really curious about that …


    Wuh, what happened? Oh, it’s just yet another BORING “BIG EVENT” with the exact artistic value of ZERO!! Thanks Joke Quesada! Thanks for running comics into the ground!


    We were left with Janet Van Dyne infected with some biological time bomb that Skrull Pym set off, and she was killing the rest of the heroes, and this is where the last issue picks up – a narrative intervue between the President and Norman Osborn in the White House describes it.

    Janet can’t control it, and she tries to escape but kill Skrulls and not humans. It’s not working. Then Thor appears, as he and Gods are unaffected. He twirls his hammer, and a vortex ensues, and it starts to cover Janet. There is nothing for it, but as Thor continues, he utters this line, “Janet, I will avenge you”, then she is gone, and for all intents, she is presumed dead from then on. (But there is the niggling feeling that even though Thors vortex kills her, it could have taken Janet to another plane of existence). The Wasp is dead.

    Iron Man appears in a very old Iron Man costume announcing he found this in Stark Towers, and it didn’t have Stark Tech. They ask Tony if he saw what happened to Janet. Tony says in a very grim voice that he has. Tony instructs all flyers to attack the Skrull Armada, and a last ditch attempt by the Skrulls to flee is thwarted. In the battle in space, Tony Stark is scanning for more doomsday devices, and instead finds something else shocking. The ship he finds is brought down to land, and the Skrull doors are opened. Turn the page and there is a scene of the interior of the ship, and with Tony Stark are all the hostages that ever got taken by the Skrulls – Sue, Spider-Woman, Mockingbird, Hank Pym, Dugan, Valentina, Electra, Hydra, and SHIELD agents, and Jarvis.

    The hostages all emerge and are greeted by the heroes. Spider-Woman embraces Ms Marvel, but the other heroes stare at Jessica with coldness. Jess asks why? But Carol Danvers can only say no one knows what to think. The Hood collects his band and escapes quietly. Tony welcomes Henry Pym with a hug, until Pym asks where Janet is, and there it stops. Jessica Jones catches sight of Jarvis just then, and she exclaims, “Oh no”. “Oh my God, NO!” and flies off to Stark Towers, as Luke screams up to her. Jessica slams into Stark Tower, with Luke carried by Carol., and Luke and Jess have a forlorn despirate interchange about the Skrull Jarvis having their baby and the baby is now gone. It stops there.

    Valantine and Dugan emerge together, and Fury sees them. Val calls to Nick, but he just stares blankly at her. Fury and his Secret Warriors fade as they are teleported away, with Val asking Dugan if Nick saw her? Dugan said he did. Mockingbird emerges with a SHIELD female, and they are in conversation when Bird sees Clint and walks over to him. He asks, ‘Is it really you’? She says, “You look terrible”. He kisses her, and I don’t think he lets her go. Then Sue finds Reed, and wants to know, when she sees the Baxter building Negative Zone sphere is still operational over the top of the building. She panics, ‘Our Kids’, and grabs Reed and flies them to the building, finding access to the lower basement. They see in the darkness two figures and it’s Johnny and Ben at a fuse box trying to figure owt how to stop the tech, and the 2 kids playing on the ground. Hugs all around, but Reed goes straight for the Tech box and fixes it. The building disappears, then as they wait, it re-emerges but just the skeleton.

    Now comes another comfrontation and this I didn’t expect. Tony Stark is walking away with Thor saying how good it is that they are all together again, when Thor swings around and cuts him off like a knife. His voice is acidy, and his grin is grim, saying, “I told you I would never fight alongside you again”, and blames Tony for all thats happened. I think it is the last straw for Tony and he is chastined beyond imagining. Then Tony turns to Bucky for some support, but Bucky turns on his heels and walks away from Tony. The snub is complete. Leinil Yu has one small pic of Tny before meeting Bucky. It is of a man who knows utter degradation and forlorness. It is superb.

    Marvel Boy and the Young Avengers are seen together, and Kate asks Teddy about the Skrull, so he says the Skrull have more than enough plnets to live on. Then one Skrull tells them, ‘Our planets no longer exist. This was our last chance’. The reality hits the YA and Teddy pretty hard.

    Cross to the White House and a conversation is heard outside but the speakers are not shown. It’s the President blaming Tony Stark for all that’s happened and telling Norman Osborn he is taking over. Cross to a dais, and the POTUS introduces the new Head of an organisation that will replace SHIELD, and encompass the Initiative, Camp Hammond and be a new security organisation. Norman Osborn, the head of the new Thunderbolts Initiative. Cross to Maria Hill in an office of Stark Westchester, ruined by the loss of all it’s Tech. She is there with Tony listening to the speech by Norman Osborn. Maria asks Tony are you okay, but Tony is elsewhere, distracted. Then we see Osborn now encsonced in Stark Towers, and this is the part that shocks you now. Osborn takes the elevator and goes to the basement, walks down a corridor, and openes a door. You know that picture with all those villains pictured? All of them are present siting around a table waiting for Osborn to join them. Namor, the White Queen, Doctor Doom, Loki, and the Hood. And Norman is saying, “This is how it is going to be”. The End. It’s oe of the most chilling moments I’ve seen in Marvel comics, and I can see why Quesada wanted Bendis to make his little Avengers story into an Event size drama. Just for this last page. This was indeed the payoff.

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