Michael Ausiello over at TV Guide has some info on the next season of Smallville, and guess what? Two regular cast members are not returning.

Say it isn’t so!

Take the jump to find out who.

OK, here we go: Nearly everyone is expected to return for Season 8 except — wait for it, wait for it — Michael Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk. I’ll give you a second to catch your breath. [Beat] Sources close to the show tell me that both actors have informed producers that they don’t intend to return as series regulars next season. However, they are open to doing limited engagements, and those details are being worked out as we speak.


Kristen was one of the only reasons I continued to watch the show.








I guess we’ll have to settle for Laura Vandervoort






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  1. Charro Ninja on

    I understand Kreuk abandoning the series, (I dont Like her) But, tell me. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A SUPERMAN SERIES W/O LEX!¿ Rosenbaum meks the series tolerable, he is the only one who really acts.

  2. Wow…I didn’t know you get pics off the Kristin Kreuk Stalker Site??? But on a serious note, getting Lana and Clark together finally has had a Moonlighting effect especially when we all know its destined for failure anyway. I’ll be real curious as to how they’ll ramp up the villain factor without Lex’s constant brooding and scheming.

  3. Thank god! Kristen is nice to look at but their Lana has been dead weight since season 5. I wonder if when the show returns there will be a scene where Lana hugs herself while staring vacantly into space? I’ll miss Lex but you could make it work without him. I’m sure he’d come back for the series finale.

  4. Thank god, now this show can finally move on to the next level. With Lionel dying soon, and Lex only partly in the show next season, we can finally move to a grander scale in the SDCU (Smallville DC Universe)

    Clark can finally grow up, old DCU villians can make their Smallville debut, no more Dawson’s Creek crap with Lana, equals a more streamlined, more awesome Smallville.

    I cannot wait for next season!

  5. Yes! Lana is finally out of the picture, i mean she was pretty cool and all up to season 6 when she became an utter bitch… never forgave her for that. But yeah i think that the show will be better without Lana, not to sure about Lex leaving though i mean he pretty much was the main villian and the most decent actor. However i would like to see James Marsters make the main cast next season.

  6. Kristen is great to look at, but the Lana character been too painful to watch for too long. I whooped for joy when I saw her breakup video. And, after the initial disappointment, I’m excited about a reduced Lex too. There is so much more to Superman than Lex, and there were plenty of situations to handle before Lex became a bad guy.

  7. Absolutely wonderful is all I can say, I just recently watched the season finale for season 7 and I am glad I did. I love that the friggen mushy crap is finally over with Lana, she’s been dragging the show down with her constant on again and off again attitude with Clark. She always seems to be just in the way. I can see them doing away with Lex, because after all Lex was only supposed to be one part to the side of Clark. Finally we can move on, I recently read that Allison Mack has signed on for another season of Smallville which makes me happy because I have always liked her from the start. In one of the shows this season we get to see Clark acting like a reporter wearing the famous horn rimmed glasses. I must say that was a nice touch the writers added tossing in something from the old superman, now that we have no love interest in Clark’s life we can finally *(crossing my fingers)* move on to Clark liking Louis since those two make an absolutely fabulous couple. As for the shows future, I see new things happening and a source recently told me to hold my breath for next season cause its going to be absolutely awesome. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck.


  8. Paul Anthony on

    I don’t see how they can get rid of Lex, as he is the older Superman/Clarks greatest Nemesis. In every film/comic from the beginning he was the arch enemy of Superman, as he wants to take over the world, and the person who will always stand in his way is Superman.

    So I do hope they keep to the original storyline by developing Lex and his ambitions for world domination onto the next level as is his destiny.

    I too am glad to see Lana and Clark over with, as he’s supposed to end up with Lois. Once she finds out he’s Superman, and can screw her forever and a day, she’ll end up Loving him….LOL

  9. Graig Brenton on

    Haven’t you ever notice how someone always hears from a source, close to the show and they reviel inside information thats really has no inside information…. season eight simply put is going to be the best season because they can introduce more villians besides just lex…although I do agree he is the best actor… but taking away the kara character I feel is the wrong thing for them to do… she had so much potential… but you people are right.. now that lana is out of the way its time for the mild manner reporter to become the reporter and maybe even start the love intrest that has began with all the other superman shows, movies and comic books…”Louis”. I can’t wait for the day for clark to finally put of the “S”

  10. you know i like everyone in the show but i can really understand why lex and lana are gone. im sure they also want to move on with their lives and find bigger and better things to be a part of. But then again lana is so beautiful. but also so are all the women they have on this show like the female agent that was hunting chloe down for terrorism. Did you see her legs when she tried to kick jimmy wow!!! but the show will be great for season eight man i cant wait!!!

  11. I for one am glad that Lana is out of the picture, I never actually liked her very much, I couldn’t see what Clark sees in her :P
    I mean, she might be somewhat pretty, but Chloe is prettier than her, plus she’s smarter and with a much better personality, whereas I don’t see much of a personality AT ALL with Lana. So all in all, I’d pick Chloe over Lana any day of the week.
    But like the previous dozen posters, I don’t think the show could go on in the same “manor” without Lex, he always kept the plot going :/

  12. Sad to hear that Lana is out of the picture, She’s one of the main character that i am looking at. But with or without Lana I’m pretty sure that the story is more challenging and great.. I can’t wait for the season 8.. :)

  13. Uki i guess you have some personality and facial issues. it’s a shame that you have the nerve to compare Lana and Chloe’s roles. Alison is simply Chloe and the fabulous Kristin did an amazing job as Lana. I know many people who watched smallville just to see Lana’s perfomance and some didn’t like the character she was playing but felt intrigued by her perfomance. As for Michael(Lex),super display by him, no need to shed some tears as villains can be given a facelift. Lois(Eric) isn’t the comic Lois, she is just not the type. i think the kara girl could have been the suitable candidate for the lois position. Kreuk you rock….

  14. Clark and Lana had great chemistry in the show and it is sad to see them break up. I, for one, won’t be watching season 8 if these two don’t get back together.

  15. I Love Clana!!!!….. but now that she will be gone i’m looking forward to seeing how clark will “embrace his destiny”… i love how he and lois hugged at the end. Lana and Clark are meant to be together…but i guess they’ll always be torn apart by fate. Lois is Clark’s future…and no matter if we like the idea of them together or not…that’s how the story goes. the story of a great hero…the story of a savior.

  16. It’s sad that Lana is leaving. The show was more exciting with her in it. I am sure at the end of the story Clark should end up with her. I think it’s a weak plot to put Clark and Lois togehter. The reason I watch this show was to see Clark get back with Lana. Clark needs to be more persistent of what he wants in life.

  17. i 4 one i am a bit sad that lana and lex might not turn back 4 sn 8 but i know they a can get other pple to replace em esp lex ,i mean he makes the thing the bomb.i totally agree wit u wen u say chloe is more of a babe than lana i mean by far.
    as for lois she is gud
    i hpe sn 8 cmes out pretty fast i cant wait

  18. omg i love this show soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! i am dreading the fact that seson 8 might be the last season, bc this show is the best show ever!!! i think that it was a great idea t move lana out of the picture, and let clark finally live his life without having to worry about her and all of her problems, she brings too much depression to the show. but i absolutely LOVE lois!!! she cracks me up so much!! she brings alot of happiness to the show that has been about a whole bunch of depression, she the sadness out of the show, i think it would be absoloutely awsome if they show alot of her this season, i love the fact that her and clark were meant to be together. =)

  19. CloisandChlarkFan#1 on

    I want clark to get some freakin action!! I mean come on! He lost IT at NINETEEN FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! I mean, i think thats good for real life but no tv show should be like that. I loved the episode when he and lois made out, you know the one with lois wearing red-k lipstick? it was awesome and really hot!! And I totally agree with ashlee about the finale of seas 7, the hugging part? i mean it totally showed that there was more to their relationship than just witty banter and punches that don’t hurt at all (lois to clark of course). personally, i always hated lana after she and clark broke up. she was so annoying! it was like, “God, just get over yourself, NO ONE CARES!!!!” I cannot wait for seas 8.

  20. Okay, now that the trash has been taken out the show can…. actually get some where.

    I’m glad that Lana is gone… she served no real purpose as a character other then being a stumbling block for Clark. Oh, and I thought she was a whore for hooking up with Lex, and I never did like that she freaked out at Clark when he though the people she was with were suspicious… honestly, how many times does he have to point out her dumb-ass mistakes before she learned.

    Lex leaving the show could pose a small problem, unless you consider that this show isn’t supposed to be about Superman, its about Clark’s life before he puts on the tights. So really, Lex’s character only appearing on occasion is no big deal. The foundation for his mistrust of Clark/Superman has already been laid… now he can disappear and scheme for a while. And I thought he got a bit annoying towards the end anyways.

    The Louis character was an instant favorite of mine. She can be a total ass and thats why her character won my vote…. that and, well… come on it’s Erica Durance.

    So, now that the whore… err I mean Lana is gone (Finally!) Louis and Clark can get somewhere.

    Oh, and the Chloe character was always better then Lana, she was Clark’s real support, after season 1 she caused no problems for Clark. And she can also hack into restricted computer files/programs… lets see the bimbo do that. =)

  21. Hate to break it to any of you who care, but Laura Vandervoort was not offered a contract for season 8 either. So she is not going to be a regular character either…

  22. I am so happy that lana is gone i was soooooooooo happy when i saw her goodbye her character sucked since the end of season 5 and i hated her during the end of the 6 season and during all of season 7 hey should have just killed her i was so happy when i thought she was dead at the end of season 6!! Chloe is sooooooo much cooler its going to be great with her new super powers but she should ditch jimmy.
    OOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG Oliver Queen is back YYYAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! i love him and as a regular that so great!!! hey maybe they could get him and chloe hook up and that could leave the whole clark louis free way to start falling for each other, and they would make an awsome couple!!!!
    I cant believe lex isnt going to be in season 8 i refuse to admit it!!!! he’s the best i love michael i can understand if he wants to be in less episodes that would be cool because they could introduce other villans but not have him at all!!!!!!!!!
    anyways im really looking forward to the next season its gonna be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Well pll im sorry to hear lana is leaving, but Mary July 10th, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    clara will not land up with lana at all – he is ment to and will land up witt Lois – it is the way it was and will be, if they move away from the original story lines, they’ll loose the hardcore comic and movie fans of old and that will seriously damage them! so get used to the idea, but dont worry there is pleanty of the love dove crap to come so just hang in there



  24. I’m REALLY REALLY glad that Lana is off the show. I hated her character since season five!!! she’s pathetic, clingy, depressing and hipocritical! she puts on an innocent victim facade but she’s acutally a huge bag of misery. So, it’s actually quite cool that she’s finished! It’s like breathing new life into smallville! That whole lana-clark off again, on again thing got quite annoying! glad that’s over!

    Chloe’s character is absolutely awesome! she’s funny, smart, beautiful and loyal: the perfect friend, the perfect person. I’m really happy she’s back for season 8 – wish she would ditch Jimmy, though. he’s actually quite a flat, depthless, unattractive character who just brings Chloe down. She can do so much better than him!

    The fact that the Oliver Queen is back is DEFINITELY a cause for some serious CELEBRATION!!!! It
    would be absolutely FANTASTIC if he an Chloe hooked up. Both are strong, fearless, determined, compassionate people who complement each other PERFECTLY! Crossing fingers! Hope that happens!!


  26. Well, I guess Kirsten Kreuk has done such a good job making everybody hate her and want her out of smallville. Lois and Clark is coming and I can’t wait to see what will happen. Good bye Lana, Lois is the real deal!!!!

  27. I am not happy that Lex is out of the show. He is the best actor on the show and will be soarly missed. I don’t believe anyone can replace him. Lana will not be missed. I certainly hope that you do not lose any viewers due to Lex leaving the show. I am a loyal fan and hope to continue being interested in the series. Please do all you can to convince Lex not to leave!!!!!!!

  28. Ever since I saw Kristin in Smallville season 8, it had become my favorite movie. Kristin is so preety. I wish that someday after I finish my schooling I can work in Columbia where Kristin was born. I really love and adore her. Smallville for me will not be the same as it was before now that Lana is leaving it. She is the heart of that movie.

  29. i hate Lois she should not be in smallville ,clark should be with Lana not Lois ,Lois sucks i hate her yuck…I hope lana will be clarks ….gf…Lois should be out of smallville theres no place for her ,,..shes a bitch…

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