Wiz World Chi: DC Nation Panel



Ready for another weekly series? It may be coming according to Dan DiDio. More highlights from the DC Nation Panel after the jump.


  • Fans in attendance didn’t seem to care for Jimmy Olsen in Countdown, with one claiming Jimmy/Mr. Action was too cheesy, to which Bob Wayne responded with “That’s why Jimmy must die.”
  • DiDio said it was too bad that people liked the Piper and Trickster in Countdown. Are we going to see them die soon?
  • Kyle Rayner’s story will flow through Green Lantern #26, Atom #14 and #15, and then Countdown.
  • Countdown: Arena – The ultimate fanboy book. It appears to be a UFC between the recognizable characters from throughout the multiverse fighting each other to be one of Monarch’s generals. It will be a four issue mini-series shipping in December. There will be audience participation with readers begging able to vote on some of the winners. I really hope this four week event plays better than World War III.
  • In regards to the multi-year events, DiDio said he sees Final Crisis as the bow on everything they’ve been doing. A lot of the open story lines will be wrapped up by the end of Final Crisis.
  • DiDio said DC isn’t trying to sell a Montoya (Next Question) series.
  • DC is trying to build a stronger continuity with Superman and other characters.
  • Ra’s al Ghul will be resurrected in a series by Grant Morrison and Paul Dini. More news on this tomorrow.
  • The Marv Wolfman Raven mini-series will come out at the end of this year, or the beginning of next.
  • There will be very specific rules for traveling between the multiverse.
  • DC has half of the 52 Universes mapped out, Earth 26 is the Captain Carrot Universe.
  • Tracy Thirteen will be sticking around.
  • All Star Batgirl is still on hold
  • No plans for All Star Flash, which is a real bummer for Flash fans.

As the panel wrapped it was announced a surprise Dark Knight panel will happen Saturday night. Since the movie is shooting in Chicago, I’d expect some very big news and some very big names to appear at the panel.