Bluewater Productions Bring Jason and the Argonauts to Comics



bluewater.gifBluewater Productions has announced its first title in the Ray Harryhausen Presents line of comics has sold out, and that can only mean good things for the second series, Jason and the Argonauts: Kingdom of Hades.  I love the Jason and the Argonauts movie, so having a comic spin out of this could potentially be a huge step in continuing the saga that is Jason.

The four issue mini-series sets sail in November for $3.50.

Take the jump for the full cover that will set all the ladies heart’s a flutter and a description of the series.

Jason and the Argonauts: Kingdom of Hades #1 (of 4)

From the writer of DR Who comes a new Ray Harryhausen Presents adventure. The quest to find the Golden Fleece is over, but now Jason and his band of Argonauts must embark on a new and more difficult journey- the journey home. Pursued by a vengeful Aeetes, the Argonauts will brave many dangers, and encounter old friends and new, and old enemies and new … But when the gods play games, no-one can avoid reaching the lands of the dead forever.