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Review 7.0

Robyn Hood #1 Review

Robyn Hood is an outlaw, a vigilant, and a bringer of justice. Despite her own city turning on her, Robyn Hood is still trying to help. Come check out her next adventure in Robyn Hood: Iron Maiden #1 by Zenescope Entertainment! 

Review Robyn Hood 2020 Annual Review 8.0

Robyn Hood 2020 Annual Review

Robyn Hood has been approached by Marian Quin to go on her next mission. To save Marian’s wife after they banished her across the multiverse! Find out more in Robyn Hood 2020 Annual by Zenescope Entertainment. 

Review 8.0

Robyn Hood: Justice #6 Review

Robyn Hood is hunted by law enforcement but she knows who the real villain is. She puts out a daring plan to take down Mayor Nyguen in Robyn Hood: Justice #6 by Zenescope Entertainment!

Review Green Hornet #4 Review 10.0

Green Hornet #4 Review

Is this the end of the Green Hornet and Kato?  I wouldn’t bet against them.  Your Major Spoilers review of Green Hornet #4 from Dynamite Entertainment awaits!

Review Exorsisters #10 Review 9.3

Exorsisters #10 Review

And it all comes down to this – Kate and Cate have mustered every ally they can think of. Will this be enough to defeat the First Shadow? Find out in Exorsisters #10 from Image Comics!

Review Heavy #1 Review 6.0

Heavy #1 Review

What do you do when you’re a tough guy forced to work your way out of purgatory? Why, you kill historical figures.  Your Major Spoilers review of Heavy #1 from Vault Comics, awaits!

Review Finger Guns #5 Review 10.0

Finger Guns #5 Review

Sadie and Wes realize that their finger guns are no joke. Can Sadie recover from her injuries and what can Wes do to help her? Find out in Finger Guns #5 from Vault Comics!

Review 6.0

Robyn Hood: Justice #2 – Review

Robyn Hood is still on the run. She had been lying low in a crummy motel but now law enforcement on her trail! Find out if Robyn and Emmett can escape the police’s robots in Robyn Hood Justice #2 from Zenescope Entertainment!

Review Finger Guns #4 Review 8.0

Finger Guns #4 Review

After another awful confrontation with her father, Sadie tries to get him taken away. Will Wes even understand, much less be able to help her with her plan? Find out in Finger Guns #4 from Vault Comics!

Review Robyn Hood; Justice #1 Review 8.0

Robyn Hood: Justice #1 Review

Robyn has been on the run in the big apple for a crime she didn’t commit. She is away from her home, her friends, and is now being hunted by these robots under control by the mayor of New York. Find out if she can stay sane in ROBYN HOOD: JUSTICE #1 by Zenescope Entertainment.

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